What did you know about Abortion – Before Roe v. Wade

The struggle and fight for Choice continues and probably will never end as long as Women are continually disrespected and treated as ill-equipped humans who are considered pre-existing conditions legally politically and medically because we can become pregnant … the idea that we don’t have a right to engage in family planning without permission, interrupt a pregnancy due to rape, incest, assault or maybe just maybe we aren’t ready is beyond my scope of understanding. It has become clearer in this era of trump; that some folks in Congress, men and unfortunately some women, don’t seem to get it; which is also beyond my understanding. The rant is real and as an older woman; we should advocate, support, and make sure the next generation of women …  All women in this world can make their own decisions with the doctor of their choice as unsafe abortions such as coat hangers, so-called abortion doctors and drugs are also a grim reality that women face at least once a month! We do NOT want women to have to choose those options! We must NOT revisit a time when desperation often resulted in rash decisions and despair, which then led to self-destruction as well as death.

~ Nativegrl77

2 thoughts on “What did you know about Abortion – Before Roe v. Wade”

  1. Conversely, this is a step in the right direction for human rights and political representation. Abortion is a very polarizing debate with very strong feelings on both sides. That being said, with the power now resting in the hands of the state (the voters), people can more accurately represent themselves through voting. Women who believe abortion is an inherent medical right can vote for politicians that will keep those rights safe and accessible. Women who believe abortion is murder can now vote for politicians that will either ban it or regulate it.
    This is proof that our democracy still works.


    1. While I respect your opinion. I can’t agree. I live on the West Coast, and the plan is to do what it can to make sure Women have a right to choose. The Thomas speech let alone Alito’s comments are scary. There are 24-26 states out of 50 that want to control a woman’s right to choose, and 13 set up a trigger law by Republicans to negate choice when a SCOTUS, Conservative SCOTUS decision was announced. A vote by Women to remove and replace Antichoice members of Congress is NOT going to be an easy task when these states are governed by Republican Governors
      Thank you for responding and hopefully, Women and the men who care about choice and the right to privacy vote !


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