upcoming special elections

This year alone, state Democrats have notched important victories in special elections in Maine, Virginia, and Connecticut – including a massive win in Louisiana just last night.

One last special election battle this month… stay tuned! There could be more to post…

May 7 Texas HD-147

These races are packed with symbolism, some are in crucial battleground states like Pennsylvania and Michigan where Democrats cannot afford to lose – or in ruby-red districts where Republicans have dominated cycle after cycle.

But that just means we need a surge of grassroots support NOW, so we can compete for every seat. We have only 48 hours until voters cast their ballots in our next special election battle: Rush a 5X-impact gift TONIGHT to help state Dems win tough races like these all across the country >> If you’ve stored your payment information with ActBlue Express, your donation will process immediately.

Special elections are notoriously underfunded, unrecognized, face some of the lowest voter turnout rates, and are too often decided by just a handful of votes. So our candidates rely on supporters like you to help bring our Democratic vision closer to reality – that starts with this team mobilizing now.
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