Tell Trader Joe’s: Stop union-busting!

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Crew members at four Trader Joe’s stores have now voted to unionize, with more on the way.

But Trader Joe’s, which cultivates a progressive brand, has rolled out intense union-busting campaigns at every store that’s filed for a union election, and refuses to bargain in good faith with its workers.

This movement is not going away. Trader Joe’s crew members have watched the company culture change from one that values its workers with good pay, benefits, and atmosphere to a company with increasing turnover, declining benefits, and stagnating wages.

Instead of supporting workers’ right to organize, Trader Joe’s has doubled down on union-busting — using the same tactics as companies like Amazon and Starbucks.

Trader Joe’s United needs your help to force Trader Joe’s to stop union busting and live up to the company’s own “number one core value” — integrity.

Can you sign our urgent petition telling Trader Joe’s you support the union

Like workers at Starbucks who recently won their first union elections, workers at Trader Joe’s are joining a new surge of union organizing. 

Trader Joe’s United has now won elections to represent workers at four Trader Joe’s stores, located in Oakland, Louisville, Minneapolis, and Hadley, Massachusetts. Yet, contrary to their progressive, worker-friendly image, Trader Joe’s has responded in Starbucks-like fashion, by aggressively cracking down on organizing and stonewalling in contract negotiations with the new union reps. 

On March 1, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) found Trader Joe’s had illegally suspended and fired a worker at a Houston store who raised concerns about workplace policies. The company was required to reinstate the worker and award back pay.

Contribute to Democracy for America Advocacy Fund and fund the fight demanding Trader Joe’s stop union-busting now!


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