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Climate Change ~~~ the movement & struggle is real … join us


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Scientists are screaming from the rooftops that climate change isn’t just a bit of warming and some more storms. No exaggeration, our actual *survival* is at risk — this is a fight to save the world.

Our biosphere is in a fragile balance. Warm it a bit, and feedback loops start to kick in. Warming melts the arctic ice that reflects sunlight, which means more sunlight absorbed, which means more warming, which melts more ice etc. etc. These feedback loops have begun, and they’re approaching ‘tipping points’ where they spin out of our control, threatening everything we love.

The UN understands this, and they’ve called an emergency summit of world leaders in New York to discuss action, even inviting our movement into the meeting! The problem is, our heads of state are politicians, not scientists, and they respond to public pressure. They see the polls, but they ask, “where are the protests?” Sept. 21st is our answer.

With thousands of organisations from unions to faith groups, and hundreds of thousands of people already signed up, we’re about to launch the biggest climate change mobilisation in history, with marches from New York to Paris to Rio. On September 21st, we need to shake the world. To get there, we need to mobilise thousands of organisers, saturate subways and airwaves with ads, and mount an effective media operation.

If 50,000 of us contribute just a small amount in the next 5 days, we can make it happen. It’s time to save the world, let’s launch the movement that can do it.

The Most-Share​d Enhanced Slides from the State of the Union

View and share enhanced slides from the State of the Union 

President Obama Travels the Country to Promote Opportunity for All

Following the State of the Union address, the President traveled around the country this week to talk more about the importance of opportunity for all.


Mad Men, Working Women, and Fair Pay

As the President said Tuesday, “Today, women make up about half our workforce. But they still make 77 cents for every dollar a man earns.” It’s time for women to get equal pay for equal work.


This Is What Members of Congress Got Before Tuesday Night’s Speech

Want all the facts? During the State of the Union, we hand out a “pocket card” to Members of Congress so they can get all the facts in one quick, easy to read place. This year we’re sharing it with you, too.


Bell: As a military officer …

Bell: As a military officer, I had so much confidence in whatever the United States military did that it was almost beyond my imagination to think that an investigation was going to go down any other way. It was beyond my imagination. And it took me a while to have my assurances shattered.



Cigarettes …

Dear Friend,

CVS will no longer sell cigarettes.
Show your appreciation.#EnvirossupportCVS

Yesterday, CVS announced that they will no longer sell  cigarettes in their stores, effective October 1.

“Put simply, the sale of tobacco products is inconsistent  with our purpose,” said their CEO.

The CEO is right.  We all know that cigarettes are bad  for our health. They’re linked to heart disease and cancer and cause millions  of deaths every year.   But what does that have to do with Earth Day  Network and our environmental objectives?

Cigarettes aren’t just bad for your health.  They  destroy our environment.   Cigarettes compromise our air  quality.  Cigarettes litter our parks and cities.  Cigarettes degrade  our farmland and use and ruin our water during production.  Cigarettes  exacerbate poverty.  And the list goes on.

CVS’s decision comes at a price.  They estimate that  they will lose $2 billion a year. The company has clearly decided to put  principle over profit, and we applaud them for doing so.  CVS is setting a  powerful example for other corporations by putting our health and our  environment—two issues that are near and dear to our hearts—ahead of  money.

Earth Day Network urges our close to one million members to  show your appreciation and shop at CVS. You can also show your support by using  the hashtag: #EnvirossupportCVS.  Maybe other pharmacies, grocery stores,  and shops across America will do the same and decide to take the agents of  death and show them the door.

Thanks for your support.

-The Earth Day Network Team

Standup to ALEC’s Anti-Immigration Agenda

immigrationThe American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) doesn’t just put corporations before current Americans – they’re actually fighting to make life more difficult for the next generation of citizens by pushing anti-immigration laws across the country.

Again and again, they use pay-to-play politics to stall commonsense reform and divert critical law enforcement resources to unfairly target aspiring Americans. Today, I’m asking for your help to continue this work by contacting your state legislators to demand they stop working with ALEC behind closed doors to put corporate profits before the American Dream.


In state legislatures across our country, millions have worked to pass reform that gives aspiring Americans a chance at a better life. And yet in our statehouses, ALEC has put their extreme corporate agenda first.

We need you to fight back, today. ALEC-backed anti-immigrant legislation has been partially struck down by the U.S. Supreme Court, and now it’s time to strike down the ALEC agenda.

Stand up for aspiring Americans everywhere, and the American Dream they work towards every day, by demanding your legislators oppose ALEC’s anti-immigration agenda.


Thank you,
Marisol Garcia

p.s. Hyperlinks above not working for you? Copy-and-paste WWW.STANDUPTOALEC.ORG into your browser’s address bar and make your voice heard!