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Workers share fast food items you should never eat

by Desair Brown, USA TODAY

Posted on March 11, 2014 at 6:48 AM

Updated Tuesday, Mar 11 at 6:48 AM



Fast-food workers are fessing up on the menu items you should probably avoid.

Several days ago, Reddit posed this question on its site: “Fast food workers of Reddit, what should we NOT order at your restaurant? Why not?” And the responses keep coming.

Here are a few items that, according to Redditors, you should never order at their fast-food restaurants.

1. McDonald’s chicken nuggets and any McCafe drink. You can ask for fresh nuggets, but avoid the fancy beverages. Apparently, the machines are hard to clean.

2. Subway egg and tuna salad sandwiches. The salads come from a bag and are heavily mixed with mayonnaise. The cold cuts are kept in a smelly syrup.

3. Pizza Hut pizza. Chances are the dough is old, oily and handled without gloves.

4. KFC’s BBQ sandwich. The chicken is too old to even give away. It’s soaked in barbecue sauce until it can be pulled apart.

5. Wendy’s chili. The beef comes from old, dried-up meat on the grill that’s re-heated.

Watch the video for more fast-food items workers say you shouldn’t order.

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Inequality hurts everyone NOT some …

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An Important New Report Argues Inequality Is Hurting U.S. Economic Growth, And It Isn’t The First

There are two refrains that we often repeat when describing our philosophy for economic growth: we need an economy that works for everyone, not just the wealthy few; and we need an economy that grows from the middle-out, not the top down. At the heart of both of those beliefs is the demand that our leaders address the growing economic inequality in this country that leaves the richest with an ever-growing share of our nation’s wealth, while squeezing the vast middle class. This inequality doesn’t actually hurt some while helping others — it weakens our overall economy and as a result hurts everyone.

A new report issued by economists at Standard & Poor’s Ratings Services agrees with these dire impacts of inequality. The report, entitled “How Increasing Inequality is Dampening U.S. Economic Growth, and Possible Ways to Change the Tide,” concludes that the widening gap between the wealthiest and everyone else is a key reason why our economic recovery is the weakest in the last 50 years. Pushing back against the oft-repeated and dead-wrong trickle-down argument on the right that a rising tide lifts all boats, S&P responds, “A lifeboat carrying a few, surrounded by many treading water, risks capsizing.”

This report is important because it comes from the business forecasting community, focused not on advancing new academic theories but on predicting for clients how the economy is working. It is far from the only voice, however, making the argument that income inequality is hurting economic growth. Here are a few other recent examples:

  • The International Monetary Fund (IMF): In a report issued this February, IMF economists make the argument that continuing to ignore income inequality will harm economic growth. “Lower net inequality is robustly correlated with faster and more durable growth,” they write. It is “a mistake to focus on growth and let inequality take care of itself.”
  • Billionaire Entrepreneur Nick Hanauer: Hanauer, who was the first nonfamily investor in Amazon.com, wrote the most popular article in Politico Magazine history, called “The Pitchforks Are Coming… For Us Plutocrats.” In the piece, he points out inequality doesn’t just hurt the economy, it creates political instability as well: “There is no example in human history where wealth accumulated like this and the pitchforks didn’t eventually come out,” writes Hanauer. “You show me a highly unequal society, and I will show you a police state. Or an uprising. There are no counterexamples. None.”
  • Nobel-Prize Winning Economist Joseph Stiglitz: Stiglitz wrote a whole book on this topic, aptly named “The Price of Inequality: How Today’s Divided Society Endangers Our Future.” One of several reasons he gives for why increasing inequality hurts growth is that it reduces people’s trust in the system. “People are not machines,” Stiglitz writes. “If they feel that they are being treated unfairly, it can be difficult to motivate them.”
  • Economist and Best-Selling Author Thomas Piketty: In his 2014 best-seller Capital in the 21st Century, Piketty explains that wealth concentrating in the hands of a few at the top is not an accident in capitalism, but a feature. Governments need to intervene in order to prevent that concentration from weakening the economy and causing political instability.
  • The Federal Reserve Bank. Sarah Bloom Raskin, who resigned from the Federal Reserve Board of Governors in March to become Deputy Treasury Secretary, believes inequality was the cause of the crisis and the source of the slow recovery: “because of how hard these lower- and middle-income households were hit, the recession was worse and the recovery has been weaker.”

BOTTOM LINE: The new S&P report that argues income inequality is hurting U.S. economic growth is an important reminder that we need economic policies that make sure everyone pays their fair share to help the economy grow from the middle-out. And it’s far from the only source to make that case: A stronger middle class means more workers, more consumers, and a better economic climate for everyone.

Jess McIntosh, EMILY’s List

A vast majority of women serving in Congress today are there because they won tough open primaries. So, when an elected official retires or moves up to higher office, EMILY’s List jumps on the opportunity to get a pro-choice Democratic woman to run for that seat.

So you’ve read all the news stories about the waves of House retirements, right? Well so have we. Watch our behind-the-scenes strategy briefing about some EMILY’s List women currently trying to fill those seats by competing in open primary races:

Thanks for watching,

Jess McIntosh
Communications Director, EMILY’s List

President Obama’s Handwritte​n Tribute to the Gettysburg Address

President Obama’s Handwritten Tribute to the Gettysburg Address

150 years after President Lincoln delivered the Gettysburg Address, President Obama penned a handwritten tribute to President Lincoln’s historic remarks.

Click here to read the essay — then pass it on.

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What would President Truman say about this Congress?

Deputy Senior Advisor David Simas shares how a group of extreme Republicans in Congress have opposed the President’s legislative agenda at every turn and what they could get done if they simply schedule a vote on pressing national issues.


Americans Are Getting Covered Thanks to the Affordable Care Act

Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, Americans all over the country are enrolling in affordable health coverage. Many were unable to get insurance before and many others are signing up for new plans that offer better coverage than what they had before, often at lower costs.


Community College to Career Tour on the Road Again

Yesterday, Dr. Jill Biden and Labor Secretary Tom Perez made a visit to Cleveland Community College in North Carolina and Broward College in Florida as part of their “Community College to Career” tour designed to highlight innovative workforce training partnerships.

Support Tom Perez

National Women's Law Center
 Tomorrow, the Senate has a chance to do something that could help every single woman in the United States. But we have to make sure they know we care.
This is our last chance. Tell your Senators to support the nomination of Tom Perez for Secretary of Labor.
Throughout his career, including most recently as head of the Civil Rights Division in the Department of Justice, Tom Perez has shown that he is committed to enforcing the laws upon which women, and all workers, rely. He’s combined this commitment with extraordinary skill and competence, both in the federal government and when he served as Secretary of Maryland’s Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation.
The U.S. Department of Labor enforces laws enabling workers to take job-protected family and medical leave, wage and hour protections that shield workers from exploitation and abuse, and rules requiring federal contractors to advance equal opportunity in their workforces, including equal pay. This critical Department also houses the Women’s Bureau, whose mission is to improve pay and working conditions for women. The next Secretary of Labor will have the opportunity to continue the important progress toward ensuring fairer workplaces for women and for all workers.
Tom Perez is committed to the needs of women and their families. Tell your Senators to support the nomination of Tom Perez for Secretary of Labor.
Thank you for everything you do to advance the rights of women and their families.
Marcia Greenberger  Marcia Greenberger Co-President National Women’s Law Center