only friends family and extended family do this ish …

larry larry larry … what were you thinking

if push comes to shove? to my best knowledge i am not the father? he can’t talk about it?

if he really loved MJ and or was a great friend he would know how much MJ wanted those children with his mom katherine and not become an obstacle but help make this happen …

i find it quite amusing that so many think she is going to do it without help, no one from the family said katherine would be doing this alone … this family is huge …yet,  so many comments about this family without knowing all the facts … most families, Black families especially help each other out, some have a nanny if lucky and can handle it financially … duh

this man gave what i thought was a warning to the Jackson family … clearly he did not appreciate the whole family, why?   he also seemed to be analzying each like he had a say in the end result of what obviously will be a child custody battle… stated that these kids need a mother and its best since katherine is 79 … talked about joe jackson… he sounded as if he and debbie rowe not only discussed this but  were much much more than friends … cohorts even… don’t know why but i got a bad feeling … motive? preemptive strike? i would like to know more of his relationship to debbie rowe … and if any money is involved. who is stacey brown … another so-called friend? and his regular appearances by phone , panel on HLN makes me wonder if he is getting paid too.