Fear mongering …

watched numerous shows with well educated people making comments about the disaster the Obama admin has us going into … well, my thought as a civilian? He is doing the best he can with what the last admin gave him and at least he is trying to do something okay!!!  other observations? it took a long time to get here and those who choose to provoke or engage in fear mongering should be avoided …how can anyone truly suggest and or accept that all should be solved in 6 flickin months let alone 2terms without bipartisanship  without a guide to go by and if you know so much as republicans seemed to act like… why didn’t they ask to see him and give him expertise advice. Those forecasting impending doom, tv pundits from the right and or people from Ivy league Colleges … should be ashamed of themselves.

anyone trying to figure out exactly why we are in the MESS we are in needs  to see the video “House of Cards” by David Faber…CNBC. This  is the “for reel” in your face deal, it will explain all of it.

I feel good about voting for Obama right now and that might change but we picked Obama to try and change the status quo … because that sure as h– hasn’t work. I want change I can believe in and so do at least 53% of the population that voted Obama into Office …  accept it … Obama won … i don’t know and to be honest … don’t want to think about where we would be if we had voted for Palin/McCain.

it’s amusing now to think conservatives/republicans would venture so far to get the votes of women only to find out that their own VP candidate was not up to par in all things Political… tina fey showed us on the most basic  level of human conditions … Palin had no substance then and now that she has quit her job as Governor … she is a quitter.

the McCain Group not only stated the fundamentals of our economy are sound and  faked a lull in campaigning to look like it was helping fix the economy and then tried to shove this woman and her beliefs down the throats of voters… most people, specifically women, thank goodness did not drink the kook-aid,  hopefully we all will keep our ears and eyes open to future elections … the party of no continues to be an obstacle.