Health-Care Reform,what side are Politicians on?

We the People …
would like to thank all those Senators up on the Hill  who voted to get us one step closer to Health Care Reform/Insurance Reform, the fight to get affordable quality and accessible health care for all is a challenge but worth all the rhetoric currently going on.

cost containment is still an issue but this is one voter who is optimistic that change is coming, slow but it will come. It is time to bring our country into the 21st century;  that means changing the way things are done on the Hill, Wall Street and in our own houses.

This list might change…  come back, keep track

Blue Dog Sen. Loretta Sanchez now supports a Public Option, Jim Cooper

Sen.(R) Olympia Snowe and all thirteen Democrats on the Senate Panel voted to continue HCR, we all need to keep a close watch on the future of Health Care Reform. Apparently Snowe is not for a Public Option w/o the trigger,which,seems like a joke to most of us,

Lieberman stated he will filibust,says he is not alone.

Sen.(R)Susan Collins is more open to a HealthCare over haul