Repower America …

On Monday, Al Gore made an impassioned call-to-arms for a clean energy revolution.

More than 10,000 supporters like you joined the Vice President on a call to discuss the next steps in our fight for strong climate and clean energy legislation. Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown shared his positive perspective on prospects for bill passage in the Senate this spring, the need for grassroots supporters to get involved right now, and the difference you’re already making.

Listen to highlights from Monday’s call with Al Gore and take action for a clean energy revolution now!

The U.S. Senate is in the process of drafting clean energy and climate legislation. But with lobbyists from big oil and their front groups whispering in Senators’ ears every day and corporate polluters pouring millions of dollars into ads, we have to fight back with all our strength to make sure we pass a strong bill this year.

We’ve heard directly from Senate offices that one of the most meaningful and effective ways to deliver a message to our elected officials is with a handwritten letter. And by sending a personal letter, we’re demanding that our Senators respond. Which is why we’ve set an ambitious goal: delivering over 150,000 handwritten letters demanding the Senate pass a strong bill this year!

Will you take a few minutes to listen to an update from Al Gore and write your Senator a personal, handwritten letter in support of strong clean energy and climate legislation?

Make it personal. Help us deliver over 150,000 letters for clean  energy.

If there’s one thing our elected officials cannot deny, it’s the voice of their constituents.

Writing these letters is easy and important — and we’ll show you how. We will provide sample letters, talking points, and your Senator’s address — all you need to bring is a passion about the climate crisis and a commitment to America’s clean energy future.

So please take just a few minutes and write your Senator today.

Help us reach our goal of 150,000 handwritten letters demanding a strong clean energy and climate bill this year.

The time is now. The revolution has arrived. And the voice for change is yours.

So please, make sure our Senators know that this time, it’s personal.

Thanks for all you do,

Dave Boundy
Campaign Manager
The Climate Protection Action Fund’s Repower America campaign

Thursday March-madness countdown to the Big Dance …&news

March Madness is now in full effect and will play itself out to it’s final push toward the big dance in April.  Apparently, a lot of upsets on the first day of NCAA play… UW is playing today, Go Huskies.  This week has been crazy and the talk from some has driven many mad as the final push toward one of our most historic life changing efforts to reform health care and insurance company practices.  The great debate or debates about who will vote no and why; can  or do Democrats want to support the President’s agenda or save themselves has gotten way too much media play for my taste, it has changed my thoughts on how honest certain reporters and the cable stations they work for are and just what side of the aisle they represent on any given day or hour in the day; because they shouldn’t be representing a side.  Recently, the President subjected himself to a foxnews interview and was unable to respond to much of what was asked by a reporter who clearly was hostile toward the President. The behavior by the host should be quite an embarrassment to foxnews management; actually, for anyone who works for the Media and calls themselves a reporter and or journalist who intentionally acts with such bad manners. It’s tough waiting for this CBO score and is it just me or has this been a score that seems to be taking much more time than all the others?  are they helping the media hype and anticipation or struggling to get it right because they have a history of having to correct the numbers.  Reports of the President leaving DC before the historic health care reform vote or right after the vote is slightly surprising.  Unfortunately, the need for the President to be here until the HCR bitter end is necessary;  though it does slow down the opportunity for getting other work done in Australia, though this vote is not the last meaningful or historic one, it  should be followed through to the end by the President

Other News …

**Should we Eliminate Saturday Mail Delivery?

**The CBO is a neutral body … both Political Parties use the CBO to get the numbers before votes are taken on financial measures

**Democrats that were against the HCR bill will be holding press conference through out the day, letting the public know what they have decided to do … support the bill or not

**The CBO score has come out and the news is good …CBO cost estimate of the HCR Bill is $940Billion over 10years and trims the deficit by 130Billion in the first 10years and 1.2Trillion in the second 10years  … and look forward to Sunday being the day the final vote

what’s on live-stream today

Pres. Obama  Signs HIRE Act Jobs Bill President Obama signed the HIRE Act, a bill aimed at spurring job growth by encouraging businesses to hire new workers and invest in their companies and communities. He was flanked in the Rose Garden by members of Congress, his Cabinet and economic team, as well as small business owners.

watch Pres. Obama HIRE Act Bill Signing

White House Briefing with Press Secretary Robert Gibbs Press Secretary Robert Gibbs announced that President Obama has delayed his trip to Indonesia and Australia in order to be around for final votes on health care legislation in the House and Senate. The President had been scheduled to leave on Sunday, the same day the House is expected to take up the White House Press Briefing

Dems Wait on CBO estimate for health care bill, possible weekend vote

While House leadership waits for the CBO to release its cost estimate for the revised health legislation, they indicated that a draft of the bill will be available for review 72 hours prior to any floor vote. Lawmakers are anticipating possible weekend votes. Yesterday, Rep. Kucinich (D-OH) stated that he would vote for the health care bill.  The CBO has released a cost estimate for health care legislation indicating that the bill is expected to cost $940 billion and reduce the deficit by $138 billion over 10 years. Also, the White House announced that Pres. Obama will reschedule his foreign travel until June.

Secret Service Focus of House Hearing

U.S. Secret Service Director Mark Sullivan will testify about the President’s FY 2011 budget request for the Secret Service. House Appropriations Cmte. members are expected to question Dir. Sullivan on the White House State Dinner security breaches. Rep. David Price (D-NC) chairs the Appropriations Subcmte. on Homeland Security.

Postmaster Suggests no Saturday delivery, new rates

Postmaster Gen. John Potter recently said that the postal service needs to eliminate Saturday mail delivery and close some post office branches in order to remain financially viable. Today, he appears before the Senate Appropriations Cmte. to make additional cost savings measures and discuss his FY2011 budget.