Racists make good TV

Have you watched cable news lately? The Tea Baggers are everywhere!

The Tea Party is news because they’ve won a few upset primaries — but let’s be honest — that’s not the only reason they’re getting wall-to-wall coverage.  Honestly, that weirdly racist tinge makes for good TV. Bizarre, wide-eyed accusations of the President and hilariously misspelled signs demanding an English-only country will drive up news ratings. I don’t mind, though. People should know about these extremists.

But the best-kept secret of 2010 is that progressives have won primaries up and down the ballot all across the country — way more than Tea Party. That’s right — Progressive challengers have beat out fabled “Mama Grizzlies” in state after state.

Just this week, progressive champion Ann McLane Kuster won a landslide victory in New Hampshire. Earlier this year, progressives won big upset victories in Pennsylvania with Joe Sestak, in North Carolina with Elaine Marshall and in Kentucky with Jack Conway — and that’s just in U.S. Senate races.

But DFA doesn’t just support Senate candidates. We support progressives up and down the ballot in all 50 states. In fact, 67 percent of all DFA-endorsed candidates won their primaries this year. 67 percent! That’s a great record and we couldn’t do it without you. We depend on small contributions from DFA members to make it happen.

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With the 2010 Democratic primaries over, just take a look at the work we did together this season:

  • 43 primary endorsements
    • 15 federal
    • 28 non-federal
  • 67.4 percent of endorsed candidates won their primaries
    • 60 percent of federal candidates won
    • 71.4 percent of non-federal candidates won

We didn’t just endorse candidates who we were sure-things or had big names, either. We endorsed local candidates like Toni Preckwinkle in Chicago. She was a reformer running against a corrupt incumbent for Cook County Board President. It was a tough fight, but she ran a grassroots campaign and scored a landslide win in the primary.

We endorsed winning candidates in tough primaries in Florida, Georgia, Missouri, Montana, Nevada and a whole lot of other states. That’s the DFA strategy at work — electing progressive in primaries across the country to take our country back with people-powered campaigns.

The DFA Strategy worked for progressives in the primaries — Contribute $10 now to finish the job in November.

Can’t get enough? Here’s a few more numbers from 2010 primaries. We endorsed four U.S. Senate candidates, 11 U.S. House candidates, three gubernatorial candidates, four candidates running for other statewide office, 16 candidates for State House or State Senate, and five candidates for county or municipal offices — across 24 states.

That’s 43 candidates total — 29 wins — and we couldn’t done it without you.

Now that the primary season is over, all the focus is on winning in November and finishing the job. We must defeat Tea Party Republicans everywhere and we can’t do it without your support.

Contribute $10 today and beat the Tea Baggers in November.

Come November 3, the only reason the Tea Party should be on TV is for losing a lot of elections.

Working together, we’re going to make that happen. Thanks you for everything you do to move America forward.


Arshad Hasan, Executive Director
Democracy for America

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Help end the Bush tax cuts for millionaires


Click here to tell Democrats in Congress:

“Stand with President Obama: Don’t let Republicans hold middle class tax cuts hostage.”

Sign the petition

The Republicans are holding middle-class tax cuts hostage because they want to extend the Bush tax giveaways for millionaires. And some Democrats are even agreeing with them!

President Obama has made clear he won’t compromise on this. But with votes coming up in just a few weeks we need to make sure Democrats to the right thing. I just signed a petition telling Democrats to stand with Obama. Can you join me at this link?



Democrats in Congress: 1 in 3 Americans say:let Tax Cuts for Wealthy expire…gallup Poll

Definitely a day to relax breathe deeply release your breath slowly and relax … repeat as needed

Sunday Buzz… Is your Democratic member of congress among those 31 House or Senate democrats foolish enough to ignore the high percentage of Americans who want to keep the tax cuts for the middle class and allow the Bush tax cuts to expire as scheduled. I am surprised, offended and perplexed at how this Congress of democrats have showed us that they are subject to or are liabilities to the change 53% voted for in 2008. It is absolutely apparent that this group of 31 and that doesn’t imply flavor; it truly is a group that is not acting in their or our best interest by breaking away from what most Americans have been polled as a good move. I and hopefully others will start calling your member of Congress to find out if in fact they are among those currently anonymous blue dogs conservadems or truly the ones we need to vote out of office because not only they proven they are not true democrats they have decided to ignore Americans -you 31 are standing in the way of getting the middle class back on track.

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**President Obama encourages Black lawmakers to rally their constituents

**Stewart/Colbert announce National Mall rally 10-30-10

Today the weather is a mix of things that let you know fall is here and maybe as our weather people are warning… snow is coming this year.

There are issues coming up in Washington State that threaten personal choice they actually would threaten our overall health care choices and the reform we now have in place. If these issues of health care are challenged here in the state of Washington, the move to do so on a national level is sure to come. The main issue is birth control but that can be subdivided on all levels from drugs to in office procedures that in my opinion violate my rights as an individual my privacy and my life. The idea that any pharmacist who opts in to getting public or government funding has the right to say no or refuse to dispense the night after pill or any contraceptive is outrageous. There are laws in place already and should be left alone yet quietly in states like mine, folks have been challenging them left putting the regions officials on edge to do something. The results from pro-lifers might move from just efforts to win the right for pharmacists to refuse to dispense contraceptives into changing or ruling against individual rights and or a woman’s right to choose to being something else. Women who believe in fair and balanced health care for all need to be ready to stand up for a right to choose being challenged by both sides of the aisle in the coming months.

If anyone out there is sane enough to understand just how ugly the Newt rhetoric was getting before the latest conservative summits. The fact is he has just moved to a new low. I suggest going to the Cnn website or mobile and read Fareed Zacharias’ article covering the nasty words gingrich had to say about our “Democratic establishment”. In my opinion it was self-serving, he comes out on the last day of their radical movement meeting talking a 2012 run, blasts murkowski for running a write in campaign and his truly nasty, truly un-American disrespectful comments about President Obama thrown at the pack of dogs like red meat. This is the same guy who verbally beat up on Christine O’Donnell a few days ago who has had to walk that back in his speech, probably gave a significant amount of dollars, and is apologizing to everyone. I wonder if he had to bow down to Limbaugh as well. He is now in full Republican effect; preaching at how great she and the tea party are …come on us all at risk if he and their flock gain control …anyway, the article is a sad reminder of how low your fellow man can actually go in order to get control over another… very primal and ugly to be sure. Republicans play both sides of all the issues if they will serve them in the name of Profits and it is very offensive to me.

The Media has branded this political year as the year of the woman. I admit there are quite a few women from the Republican Party running for office in various states all over the country but not one candidate truly represents women in their best light. The fact is they all are against the right to choose, most are against gays and a couple feel women in the Military is definitely a no no. To say these ideals are against family is to say i have a nose on my face. They are women who live different lives than the rest of us and if i am hearing them right they intend to not only push their personal ideologies on me but will try to put them in to law. That is just wrong, it is offensive, and dare i say against the whole separation of church and state… right? Though I am no expert when it comes to individual rights, it is apparent that folks on the right feel Americans get too many entitlements like Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and intend to take some if not all of my individual rights. The behavior from these so-called women on the right have embarrassed me as a woman in general on so many levels and continue to as they open up their mouths to say things that have moved from nasty sarcasm to what I consider extreme ideology to racist and or inappropriate comments. The notion that any public figure or who wants to call themselves a Public Servant and or representative of the people should be speaking and representing one nation under god, not just a select few which is all I get from the conservative extreme right.

If you watch the rallies, town halls and meet ups -there is an obvious lack of people of colour, oh there is a token handful, but the reality is this group talks about taking their country back but where did it go and take it back from who and where or what will they do with it. It started back when Palin tapped to grab women voters from Clinton. I was very offended the first time i heard Sarah Palin speak. I am still offended by her and her willingness to go so extreme that Americans are now fighting each other as the haves and have not now have almost nothing. Republicans have managed to manipulate the public and the media by blaming this current administration. It is odd so many have forgotten what happened let alone how the media is willing to let misleading information continue to get on tv or into the airwaves. The fact remains that the house of Bush could have stopped this calamity called an economic collapse way before it occurred but they did not. The blame is the Republican party stalling, blocking and voting no to legislation that could had the bills been big enough helped or solved the problem but no the Party of NO wants control and has been willing since President Obama was elected throwing Americans under the bus every time a bill gets on the floor of the Senate Republicans say one thing and do another and We the People fail to get back on track, our economy fails and any progress needed to get us into the 21st Century fails. I had managed to stay away from the “social media” network thang .

.. i was busy but then this unqualified cliché driven talker who did not seem to be educated on anything about foreign policy let alone what was going on in the world and forced me to blog my heart out make phone calls and speak up and out that this woman does not represent me as a woman, a mom or worker. The idea that she would be next in line if something happened to the guy running for President was definitely a scary proposition and thank goodness, other women saw what our future would look like.

We are a few weeks away from the November elections and the Media has begun pulling out all the video of those on both sides of the Political aisle claiming they are the ones to vote for because …you fill in the reasons. What I have noticed is that the Republican party has women candidates that may put families at risk if they win. The efforts to move Americans to ideologies that are definitely right of center are bad enough. We hear the crap about the current President about being a Socialist but Boehner Bachmann and others on the right want us to have less government maybe less money for ok, think about that what would your neighborhood look like without Teachers, Police, EMTs, and Firefighters? Yes, they want to privatize everything and that would mean a huge increase in costs that absolutely would have no cap on the amount and or when that increase would come. It is happening now with health care and has been for years. The costs of privatization would be bad for the disabled, elderly, the current and new poor created by all the NO votes in Congress by Republicans and other who have been putting profits before people. As a woman and mom, I am concerned about the possibility of Palin getting opportunity to gain any position of power let alone the other women who are anti-establishment candidates because they are dangerous to family values and what rights we were all given as Americans.

The Tea Party or Republican ideologies or family values group embrace an extreme view on all things that I feel are about my personal life and should be left alone by the likes of a  Palin,Bachmann, O’Donnell and other women on the right. Unfortunately, there are more pro-life women breaking the barrier and have crossed the line by getting into a position of holding political office. The reality is not just grim it begs  all members of the Democratic Party with families prepare to fight against the possibilities of a Republican take down with our votes for equal rights not for those who want us to do as they say not as they do. They portray themselves as the family values party but even that is laughable if not offensive at best. Family is more than just one man and one woman married with children. In this 21st Century the meaning of family is indefinable and should be left to the individual not manipulated but this group seems devoted to renounce “separation of church and state”

The fact is the difference between the Democratic and the Republican Parties are our ideologies

I started listening to the rhetoric in the news here in Seattle about birth control issues currently being challenged and  realized that women need to be outraged. I know people are thinking why but start listening …keep your ears open to the rhetoric coming from those grizzly moms out there locally and on a national level. The religious right or the tea party see a right to choose an evil thing,pro-life means telling others what they can do with their bodies and should be forced into going full term no matter what the circumstance. If we allow Christine O’Donnell and the group of do as we say get into power the right to choose will be one of the first things they target. Women who believe in the right to choose must be prepared to speak up and out or march if needed to keep the current law in place. . i read about  partial abortion and the procedure… clearly it involves steps that most of us would not go through unless it was absolutely needed… why have a vote on a common sense procedure that is my individual choice, my body and my money being used to pay for the procedure if i so choose. I would wager to say that a licensed doctor would not do this operation without it being the only way to help the health of the woman needing the procedure. The most important aspect of a right to choose is the life of a mother and her individual right to any procedure valid medical reason that should remain confidential and info kept between a women and her Doctor. The idea that a personal procedure paid for by the individual in most cases needed to be put into law is absurd to me, then actual people in political office began to push their religious ideologies and women all over the country had to stand up and say we demand the right to choose. In 1976, the Hyde Amendment became law but it has been that thing in the room Republicans and some conservadems want to manipulate; wanting women to go full term even if the circumstances might be questionable, bad, or ugly. I do not understand this attitude, this old style behavior of keeping women barefoot and pregnant or at least the image comes up when you hear pro-lifers talk. It is offensive and in this 21st Century, no one should have the right to tell me as an individual what to do with my body. Women need to stay prepared to speak up and out against those in Congress who intend to take up efforts to hold abortion rights as hostage ask to manipulate the current law then take the next step to ban abortions altogether.

just sayin

Other News …

**WA state Huskies FBall game at 12:30 today



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Bush Still Takes Brunt of Blame for Economy vs. Obama

Obama sees more blame now than a year ago, but 51% assign him little to no blame

Gallup Poll

by Lydia Saad

PRINCETON, NJ — Nearly two years into his presidency, 51% of Americans say President Barack Obama bears little to no blame for U.S. economic problems, while 48% assign him a great deal or moderate amount of blame. More Americans now blame Obama than did so a year ago, but a substantially higher percentage, 71%, blame former President George W. Bush.

Great Deal/Moderate Amount of Blame for U.S. Economic Problems -- George W. Bush and Barack Obama, 2009-2010 Trend

More specifically, the Aug. 27-30 USA Today/Gallup poll finds 24% of Americans blaming Obama a great deal for the current economic problems, 24% a moderate amount, 25% not much, and 26% not at all. By contrast, 37% blame Bush a great deal, compared with 10% assigning him no blame.

Bush fares poorly on this measure partly because a relatively high proportion of Republicans — 48% — blame him a great deal or moderate amount, as do most Democrats (89%) and independents (73%). By contrast, relatively few Democrats, 19%, blame Obama. These patterns are consistent with Gallup’s findings on the same question in April.

Blame for U.S. Economic Problems for Obama and Bush, by Party ID

Bottom Line

Americans are far from charitable when it comes to their evaluations of Obama’s performance on the economy. Recent Gallup polling found 38% approving of the job he is doing in this arena — among his worst job scores on the nation’s top issues. However, that still exceeds Bush’s final approval rating on the economy of 27%, measured in February 2008. That was prior to the Wall Street financial crisis that rocked both the economy and consumer confidence later in the year, so Bush’s rating likely fell even further by the time he left office.

Obama’s overall job approval rating was 46% at the time of his latest economic rating, in early August, and continues to hover in the mid- to high 40s in Gallup Daily tracking. The gap between his approval on the economy and his overall approval may be partly explained by Americans’ tendency to believe that the enduring economic problems are at least not of his own making.

Survey MethodsResults for this USA Today/Gallup poll are based on telephone interviews conducted Aug. 27-30, 2010, with a random sample of 1,021 adults, aged 18 and older, living in the continental U.S., selected using random-digit-dial sampling.

For results based on the total sample of national adults, one can say with 95% confidence that the maximum margin of sampling error is ±4 percentage points.

Interviews are conducted with respondents on landline telephones (for respondents with a landline telephone) and cellular phones (for respondents who are cell phone-only). Each sample includes a minimum quota of 150 cell phone-only respondents and 850 landline respondents, with additional minimum quotas among landline respondents for gender within region. Landline respondents are chosen at random within each household on the basis of which member had the most recent birthday.

Samples are weighted by gender, age, race, education, region, and phone lines. Demographic weighting targets are based on the March 2009 Current Population Survey figures for the aged 18 and older non-institutionalized population living in continental U.S. telephone households. All reported margins of sampling error include the computed design effects for weighting and sample design.

In addition to sampling error, question wording and practical difficulties in conducting surveys can introduce error or bias into the findings of public opinion polls.

View methodology, full question results, and trend data.

For more details on Gallup’s polling methodology, visit http://www.gallup.com/.