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President Obama is in Ohio and will give a detailed speech today

The change 53% voted for has been stopped, blocked, scaled back and slowed down by the Republican Political Party.

It is up to those who do lean left of center…even our fellow independents to keep the people leaning right of center informed. It is important to challenge the crap coming out that clearly are lies, on the edge or overtly reflect a nasty rhetoric often spewing fear hate and discrimination. On 10-2-10 will March on DC to show unity as a Nation who believes in our Constitution in every way. It is a march that welcomes everyone that believes in the People, the 14th Amendment and equality for All people regardless of the race, creed, religious or gender preference. It is a moment needed to let those who practice exclusion to hear those who believe in helping our fellow man.

The cliché, “When the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few” is an important statement right about now because big corporations made big bets against the people for other folks who were definitely rich or getting richer but ran out of luck; the government in our case had to step in and up to help All Americans because free trade was not going to correct the bets because the casino shut itself down. The economic collapse that happened was an opportunity to change the failed way things were done in order to move into the 21st Century

I have been listening, reading and hearing comments about President Obama having taken great first steps toward change but hasn’t gone far enough to sedate or fulfill the promises he made to special interest groups during his campaign. First, what special interest groups is the Media talking about that is upset because libs are definitely apart of the Democratic Party. The negative comments are becoming bold, louder and more frequent but they are coming from the right, the more extreme of our society the group of people being stirred to cause physical damage. We can blame the Media for the selective misinformation they all give viewers. It is now quite obvious that ratings are so important that reports leave out parts of a story instead of giving all angles or even having a guest to rebut the opinions of the host, commentators.

Change takes time… It takes a Congress with courage to create and pass laws that should be for the greater good that covers all Americans.

**Environmentalist… like Phil Radford, exec director/Greenpeace USA  stated among other things,” Obama is missing in action” as it relates to global warming …in an article written by Bryan Walsh from Time Magazine. I am willing to say that Congress is a partner that President Obama has had to fight with since coming into office and those who have been paying attention it was not just with Republicans it was, has and still is with democrats. This President and his administration needs support to move the US into the 21st Century to a Green economy… It takes courage to admit we need to do what is right for our children and generations to come by keeping and or voting more democrats into office in November people.

**Immigration/SB1070 …Do you “look” undocumented? This week, the Arizona state legislature approved an anti-immigrant bill that essentially gives police the right to profile people based on race. It will also give natives the right to sue local law enforcement if, in their opinion, not enough is being done to hunt down undocumented immigrants.

Reasonable Suspicion, what does that mean?

Any legislation forth coming needs to be comprehensive immigration reform. The public needs to accept the complicit relationship of the past and correct it and move into the 21st Century; this can only happen if we vote more Dems into office -November is a national election as far as i am concerned. What happens in November will impact the  future of All Americans

read the article by Prernal Lal…stay informed

**Gay/Lesbian leaders… are starting to make comments about Obama not going far enough on don’t ask/don’t tell but today he announced he will enact federal benefits for same sex couples …moving too slow?  too little too late? come on, People of colour know what being impatient means. This is yet another issue that will be stopped in its tracks if we do not vote more Dems into office people. If do not get Dems out to Vote in November the progress made thus far; even if some feel it is not enough, just think what will happen if Republicans gain control and do what they have threatened all along. We all know republicans feel they have the corner on what “family values” are and push this as apart of their agenda if they gain control. The governing they plan will definitely not include same sex marriage contrary to what most Democrats feel should be an issue of equality.

**Health-care  -liberals… are impatient and talking about how they put Obama in office and threatening a change in 2012 … this is unacceptable for me because the new law covers those with children up to 26 which is college age and will save money for so many parents; it is not a welfare program. It stops discrimination against women and allows those who have debilitating deceases the right to see a doctor without their insurance companies saying you are not worthy of being helped. Health Care Reform is in itself is a Jobs Bill and who would not be for a new law that gives more access to health care while creating more jobs to the public. It will and that is something more members of the Democratic Party in Congress should be letting the public know.

**Wall Street … flexed their muscles to show Obama who really is in charge of the market … bad behavior needs to be regulated with a big R and ten months the Obama Admin and Congress passed legislation to regulate Wall Street that should continue to be adjust to hold those who still place bets against the people of the United States.

The fact is change will happen. The President can’t do it all himself, we need to call, write and March 10-2-10 to let Congress know what We the People voted for a change we can believe in but some folks left of center just do not understand that this change will take time, support and pushing our Congress to get the job done.

The notion that the President is to blame for the scaled back legislation that was passed in the Senate is ridiculous. It is a combination of the 60rule, filibuster and the lack of Political will of the Democratic Party to push the envelope. I think conservadems need to be shoved into a box but the real solution to the inability to get substantial bills through that will not only help ALL Americans and our economy is simply getting out and voting for the Mid-term elections.

This is a moment that is just as important as the 2008 elections people because without more Dems in Congress the change we all want will continue to be scaled back by Republicans.

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it’s time to get to work …

Latest news and action alert from Greenpeace

We’re teaming up with 350, 10:10, and a global coalition of folks doing something about climate change to create a global day of action: the 10/10/10 Global Work Party. Help us make October 10th the biggest single day of action against global warming that the world has ever seen.
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The Gulf oil spill, the breaking up of Arctic ice sheets, the wildfires sweeping through Eastern Europe — these are just a few impacts of our addiction to fossil fuels. The good news is that most Americans have begun to do their part, making small changes in their own lives in the hopes of helping create a more sustainable planet.

But while you and I have tried to make changes in our homes and communities, our leaders in Washington D.C. are letting fossil fuel companies off the hook instead of holding them accountable. They claim it’s just too hard to take on Big Coal and Big Oil.

Well on October 10th, we’re getting together with our friends at 350.org, 10:10, and many others, to show them what hard work looks like.

It’s called the “10/10/10 Global Work Party.” The goal of the day is to send a message to our political leaders: If we can get to work, you can get to work too — on the legislation and the treaties that will protect this planet for our children and grandchildren.

There are already over 1,700 events in 140+ countries, and we’d love for you to join us wherever you live.

Check here to see if there is an event already planned in your area or to create your own.

What you do at your work party is up to you. But don’t worry, we’ll help you get started and have a few ideas to help get your creative juices flowing. As long as it benefits your community and helps cut carbon emissions, it will matter — and it will help get the point across to our politicians.

Let’s inspire our political leaders on October 10th to take the bold action necessary to save the planet. It’s time to get to work.

Sign up today to attend or host a work party in your community.

For the planet,

ben kroetz mountain view

Ben Kroetz
Greenpeace Online Organizer

Dems can beat them

The Democratic Party
From the day President Obama took office, Democrats have worked to rebuild our country’s economy, put into place the basic financial reforms needed to empower and protect consumers, and lay down a new foundation for growth.

Republicans made a different choice: They locked arms with the special interests and voted to protect the insurance companies, credit card lenders, and bankers on Wall Street.

The GOP embraced a singular goal: opposition to the President’s agenda.

Now Republicans are scheming to win back Congress. With a majority, they’ll do everything they can to reverse the progress Democrats have made. They’ll turn back the clock on behalf of their special interest friends, their big donors, and the extreme right-wing elements that have taken over their party.

But we have a plan to beat the GOP.

Since May, we’ve been focused on an unprecedented push to elect Democrats who will fight alongside President Obama. With the help of supporters like you, we’ve launched the strongest, most sophisticated effort this party has ever put together for an election like this.

The special interests don’t fund it — our Vote 2010 campaign relies entirely on supporters like you.

Can you chip in $5 or more to power this work?

Republicans have promised to repeal health insurance reform and roll back new consumer protections — but it won’t stop there. Across the country, the GOP has nominated a set of right-wing ideologues who are vowing to undo the victories won by our parents and grandparents — the promises those generations made to the future.

Republicans are supporting candidates like Nevada Republican Senate nominee Sharron Angle who believe the United States should leave the United Nations and that we should shut down the Department of Education.

They’re working to elect conservatives like Alaska Republican Senate candidate Joe Miller who argue that unemployment benefits are “not constitutionally authorized” and that we should end Social Security.

They’re fighting for people like Kentucky Republican Senate candidate Rand Paul who believe that civil rights should be up for debate in this country because they think that businesses should have the right to discriminate based on race, gender, disability, or any other factor.

We all understand the consequences of this election.

That’s why grassroots Democrats are knocking on thousands of doors every week. That’s why we have a goal of reaching out to 15 million voters by November 2nd.

Americans have a choice to make with this election, but from now until November, we’re going to work to make our case.

Can you help out? Donate today:



Governor Tim Kaine

P.S. — At 12:30 ET today, I’ll be giving a major address in Pennsylvania to talk more about what this election means. Click here to watch live.

President Obama, You and NYC

I am more confident than ever that we will retain our Democratic House Majority, as long as we stand together in these final weeks.

Our next wave of advertising could help secure Democrats in toss-up races — but I need your continued support to make it happen.

That’s why as a thank you for all you have done so far, I want to offer you a special opportunity to enter to win a chance to join President Obama and myself at a dinner in New York City on September 22nd.

Enter for a chance to win a trip to New York (airfare and hotel included). You and your guest will be my guests at a dinner with President Obama on September 22nd.

Thank you for all you have done. I am counting on you to continue to stand with me in these final critical days.

Onward to victory.

Nancy Pelosi
Speaker of the House

P.S. Please enter today — you could be part of our historic gathering in New York City and meet President Obama.