Obama spoke, make sure they listen

 Say no to raids and criminalizing babies

Hold the new leadership responsible

Today, the House Judiciary committee will hold a hearing on worksite enforcement. This is the first in a series of hearings that will set up the Republican-controlled House’s immigration agenda: and it’s not pretty.

Heading up the committee is Representative Lamar Smith (R-TX) whose strategy on immigration can be summed up as follows: target workers & target families. We are facing a leader who wants to take our country back to the days of the Postville Raid>> http://act.reformimmigrationforamerica.org/go/1158?akid=619.164689.Nz6RMQ&t=6  that destroyed a Midwestern community and will criminalize newborn babies in order to push his “deport them all” agenda.

Now, more than ever, we have to be sure that our voices are heard in the halls of Congress.


Make sure that Lamar Smith knows we’re watching him.

Like President Obama said in last night’s State of the Union: http://act.reformimmigrationforamerica.org/go/1157?akid=619.164689.Nz6RMQ&t=8  “I am prepared to work with Republicans and Democrats to protect our borders, enforce our laws and address the millions of undocumented workers who are now living in the shadows. I know that debate will be difficult and take time. But tonight, let’s agree to make that effort”. Tell Lamar Smith & his committee that we’re ready to hold them accountable to making an effort.

Thank you,

Marissa Graciosa

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