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a message from Stephanie Cutter

Here’s just a snapshot of what Mitt Romney‘s platform calls for:

— Turn Medicare into a voucher program to buy private insurance,
forcing seniors to pay more out of pocket for their health care costs.

— Outlaw all abortions without exception for rape or incest
(including a “salute” to states like Virginia that have passed extreme
ultrasound laws).

— Ban marriage equality and reject civil unions of all kinds.

— Won’t protect the mortgage interest deduction for middle-class
families if Romney enacts his tax plan, even though it helps more than
30 million middle-class families.

— Kill investments in clean energy jobs and reject the wind
production tax credit, which would cost up to 37,000 American jobs.

“Intolerant” and “mean-spirited” sounds about right to me.

Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are in lockstep with this platform, but pay
close attention to what they’re saying up on that stage this week — I
guarantee you won’t hear a whole lot about any of that.

Instead, they’re filling their free airtime with false promises and
baseless attacks on President Obama. We can’t let them get away with it.

Weekly Address: Congress Must Act on “To-Do List”

May 12, 2012 by    

President Obama calls on Democrats and Republicans to come together and act on his Congressional “to-do list,” which will create jobs and help restore middle class security.

  Good afternoon –Most Americans are concerned that all we’ll see from Congress this year is inaction. Count me as one of those Americans.

But the fact is we need Congress. President Obama is doing everything in his power to move our economy forward. Not surprisingly though, the proposals with the biggest impact require legislation.

So at this make-or-break moment for the middle class, the President has called on Congress to move forward with a concrete plan that creates jobs and helps restore middle class security. It’s so simple, we’ve boiled it down into a five item to-do list.

Learn more about these ideas and share them.

It matters when Americans stand up and make their voices heard. Last year, when you spoke out about extending the payroll tax cut, we changed the debate here in Washington. Over the past few weeks, you answered the President’s call to speak up about stopping student loan interest rates from doubling, and now we’re starting to see the gears turning in the House and Senate.

The members of Congress who refuse to act are betting that Americans across the country won’t pay attention. So we’ve got to stay focused on the work at hand, and that starts with President Obama, who will be raising awareness across the country. You can join him by speaking out and sharing the list with your networks.

These five ideas will help create jobs and protect the middle class.

There are homeowners throughout the country who have done everything right, made their mortgage payments on time month after month, but when they look for relief, they get the runaround. With interest rates as low as they are right now, Congress should cut red tape for responsible homeowners to refinance and keep a little more money in their pocket each month.

There are a set of tax credits that are helping American companies put people to work developing clean energy and reduce our dependence on foreign oil. Unless Congress takes action, those credits will expire. That’s an unforced error, both for our economy and our environment.

Small business owners play a central role in our economy. Congress should provide firms that create new jobs or increase wages with a 10 percent income tax credit.

Lawmakers need to do more to help the men and women who are returning from Iraq and Afghanistan find jobs once they come home. President Obama is asking Congress to create a Veterans Jobs Corps that will help them find work as police officers, firefighters, or as employees at our national parks.

We need to stop rewarding companies for sending jobs overseas. Congress needs to eliminate the loophole that allows corporations to deduct their expenses from outsourcing jobs and use that money to give a tax credit on moving expenses to companies that bring jobs back.

That’s it. It’s straightforward and entirely within Congress’s power to pass and send to the President for his signature.

So take a minute to learn more, then share this email and the list with folks in your network.




David Plouffe
Senior Advisor to the President

P.S. — President Obama talked about why this plan is so important yesterday. Check out what he had to say.



Stand with the President in the fight for smart immigration policy … BarackObama.com

President Obama and his administration just proposed a common-sense change to our country’s immigration system in order to keep American families together.

This isn’t just a historic step for the hundreds of thousands of families who would be affected by this policy—it’s also a defining moment for this campaign.

Let the President know you stand with him in the fight for a smart, fair immigration system.

Under current law, undocumented spouses and children of U.S. citizens must leave the country to complete the immigration process—meaning thousands of families are separated every year while trying to pursue a legal path to citizenship.

The President’s plan would cut bureaucratic wait times and relieve an unfair burden on U.S. citizens who are unfairly separated from their loved ones during the legal immigration process. This proposal would build on other common-sense immigration reforms the President has put in place to help keep hardworking American families, who have played by the rules, together.

That’s why we need to have the President’s back in this fight—and the fights to come—in this election. Say you’ll stand with him today.

President Obama All Women Need Affordable Birth Control …National Women’s Law Center

Original post 11/20

They’re at it again. Opponents of birth control are trying to put women’s health at risk.

Tell President Obama All Women Need Affordable Birth Control

Over the summer, we secured a big victory when we helped get all forms of FDA-approved contraceptives covered and without a co-pay. However, we were dismayed that the administration allowed some employers to deny this coverage to their employees. Now, some opponents of contraception are pressuring President Obama to deny this critical benefit to more than a million more women.

The reality is that nearly all of sexually active women in the U.S., regardless of their religious beliefs, use contraception at some point in their lives, and it is a preventive health service that should be covered regardless of where they work.

This summer over 60,000 of you joined our effort to say: birth control — we got you covered! We need your help again to ensure that ALL women have access to affordable contraception — tell President Obama to give ALL women access to contraception without co-pays.


In signing the Affordable Care Act, President Obama championed leveling the health care playing field. The current exemption and certainly any expansion of it will re-open the door for women to be treated like a pre-existing condition.

All women should have affordable access to the contraceptives they need, regardless of where they work. Please give ALL women access to contraception without a co-pay.
Thank you for continuing to stand up for the health of women and their families.


 Judy Waxman
Vice President for Health and Reproductive Rights
National Women’s Law Center   

 P.S. Your support allows us to continue to improve the health care of women and their families as well as work on many other critical issues. Please consider making a contribution today.   WWW.NWLC.ORG

TGIF &some News …and locked out of twitter

just another rant

Unless you have been living under a rock, you know that the Supreme Court will hear the HCR Affordable Health Care Law during the Presidential Election Campaign2012. The Supreme Court will have the responsibility of deciding if HCR merits or meets the constitutionality rules policies and procedures under what we all hope to be based on the favorable outcomes from the lower courts, compassion of what the new law will provide, healthy debate yet unbiased opinions with a strong use of the facts . Unfortunately, the big news is not that more people have an opportunity to be covered, people under 26 can be covered under parents insurance, or that the awful rule about pre-conditions will be no more least we forget HCR is also a JOBs bill. The fact that HCR enrollment will increase by 30million, which is a whole lot more people to serve and all those who do, will be cashing in as well as employing many more Americans. The fact is more Teapublicans, which includes Washington State’s AG McKenna; who happens to be running for Governor other current Governors some in the midst of recall efforts and Teapublican leaders of Congress are still challenging HCR. Though reports and or polls from MSM state most Americans do not want HCR they, if given the details of HCR like it.  The poeple in Massachuetts did not like their Universal Health Care at first but after awhile 80% did and do not want to repeals theirs.  The fact is …the law is so similar to the Massachusetts because then Governor Romney‘s staff helped formulate it. While Romney and his fellow Teapublicans keep stating they want to repeal health care reform even after three years of debate, stalling, and refusal to cooperate; the hcr Bill passed and is the new law of the land. It is not lost on most … well, now anyway, that Teapublicans will do and say just about anything to set themselves apart from the President of the US; even as offensive as it is they continue to push forward on the McConnell mission which is to make President Obama a one term President. I have to say as a voter the first Mission is to get America back on track though McConnell has tunnel vision gotta hope it all backfires with a sudden burst of Sanity Please just like in 2008 when we all faced the idea of a Palin/McCain in the White House. The current group of Teapublicans running for President of the US of A are far from being qualified almost amusing though scary considering what they say they have to offer. If you have been watching and or listening to the crap coming from Teapublican lawmakers in Congress it is obvious Party and Profit over People is a pledge they took and little room for compromise. The facts regarding HCR have been twisted turned and avoided by most Teapublicans and unfortunately, some of my fellow Americans believe the noise coming from the right, frankly, Teapublicans would rather fight moving into the 21st Century while attempting to bring the President down than help others and our economy by bringing down the cost of health care/insurance. The problem we have was not created by the current President yet these Corporatists are still trying to convince their supporters that big government equals the sitting President. It is with great sadness that there are so many of our fellow Americans drinking the kook-aid because the best example of big government was during the house of Bush and the lack of regulation which really means the people hired to do their jobs …did not. The economy slipped into a ditch created by the spending that Bush did and if anyone is willing to listen… the facts the truth is a close as your nose. Then President43 did not pay for the 2wars President Obama has to draw down or those bush tax bonus $$ and left an incredible deficit hole that has yet to be fixed; while it is true that the solution was to throw money at it and most economists believe it had to be done. There was not only a problem with how much money to throw but like all legislation on the Hill since President Obama took office and most if not all efforts were blocked, changed, scaled down or nasty amendments attached to great bills that no one could vote for in good consciousness. The idea that we keep the status quo is to say nothing needs to be changed but what better time is it than now to improve upon a system that has long been broken. If not now when and what better group than Democrats to fix the problems… because Republicans are proving on a daily basis that not only are they fiscally irresponsible they also practice overt class warfare, exclusion and some might say the current words are laced with hate and or racism …

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