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Interview with Author Jonathan Bloom

‘American Wasteland’ Author
Talks Food Waste

Photo used in American Wasteland book cover, courtesy of Jonathan Bloom.
We all have a role to play in the food waste problem — and in the solution, according to American Wasteland author Jonathan Bloom. Read our Q&A with Bloom, and get his tips for reducing food waste.


your doctor – and your boss?





One of the biggest benefits of Obamacare is that being a woman is no longer a pre-existing condition. In fact, insurance companies are now required to cover preventive services, including birth control, at no additional cost.
But that might be about to change.

More than 40 for-profit companies, most of which are owned by men, are suing to deny their employees’ access to birth control without a copay. Republicans opposed to the Affordable Care Act are arguing that women’s bosses should have a say in their personal health decisions. This is an extreme move that could undermine a core tenet of Obamacare and compromise women’s health.

In 2012, millions of Americans had the opportunity to vote for a Republican presidential candidate who supported those companies’ position. (You might remember how that one turned out.) But today’s news shows that this fight is far from over — and that we can’t let up.
Add your name to make sure a woman’s health care decision stays between her and her doctor — not her boss.

The Supreme Court just announced that they’re going to hear this case. And if the Court rules in favor of the companies, then it could be up to employers to decide whether or not the women who work for them will have free access to birth control.

We’ve made great progress in fixing our broken health care system by guaranteeing women access to preventive care, and we can’t go back.
Speak out in favor of a woman’s right to make her own health care decisions:


Lily Adams
Deputy Communications Director
Democratic National Committee

Could this happen to you?

Imagine that complications from your pregnancy put your health at risk and when you arrive at the hospital you suddenly find out that they can refuse to help you.

This horrific reality has happened to many women, and it will happen again. If your local hospital is religiously affiliated — or if it employs doctors or nurses who have religious objections to providing needed medical care — it could even happen to you.

Tell the Department of Health: Women in Washington deserve better.

Within the next two years, more than 50 percent of hospital admissions in Washington may be to Catholic institutions that restrict patient access to medication and procedures. These religiously affiliated hospitals allow religious doctrine, rather than proven medical best practices, to dictate the kind of care and procedures pregnant women and patients can receive. In these hospitals, patient care and medical standards often run a distant second to religious doctrine. As a result, women’s health can suffer, and lives can be at risk and all the while women continue to seek care at these hospitals with no idea.

You can change this. The Washington Department of Health is asking for comments on proposed changes to hospital disclosure policies.

Submit your comment today to ensure that hospitals in Washington fully inform their patients about the reproductive health services they do and do not provide.

Many women seeking care at these hospitals may not realize that the hospitals deny care for women and patients in emergency situations, including:

  • Prohibiting prompt, medically indicated treatment of miscarriage and ectopic pregnancy, even if the woman’s life and health is at risk.
  • Refusing   to inform a couple about their contraceptive options, including sterilization, even though a pregnancy could threaten the women’s health or life.
  • Requiring patients in persistent vegetative states to be kept on feeding tubes even when a patient has specifically indicated that a feeding tube is something he or she would never want.

This is a growing problem in Washington. Women cannot wait until they are in dire need of services to be informed of their care. Please take action right now — the comment period closes at midnight on November 26.

Thanks for keeping it personal,

Thao Nguyen
Campaign Director
This Is Personal

What health and safety really mean in TX


In a few weeks, the Center will return to court to fight for the rights of Texas women.

This is a familiar battleground in the ongoing war on women. Led by Gov. Rick Perry, Texas politicians are fixated on devastating reproductive health care in the state.

It’s time to let Perry know that we won’t stand for his ideological agenda.

He claims to care about the women in his state. On the day he signed the most recent restrictions into law, Perry told reporters, “This is an important day for those who…support the health of Texas women.” 1

But the governor’s actions speak louder than words. The sweeping law he passed has nothing to do with safety, health, or supporting women.

The truth is, if his restrictions take effect, they would make essential health care services practically impossible for many Texans to access, leaving women’s health and safety at risk.

Tell Gov. Perry to stop using Texas women as political pawns—and to stay out of the very personal decisions that determine their health and future.

Thanks, as always, for all you do,

Women Deserve the Truth! Expose Crisis Pregnancy Centers


National Women's Law Center
  Expose the Truth!  
  Check out our state-by-state information and resources on how to file a complaint in your state.  
  Make a Difference  

Have you seen the advertisements: “Pregnant? Scared? We can help?” They’re everywhere. Unfortunately, far too often a woman finds herself with an unintended pregnancy, isn’t sure what her options are, and calls the number on the billboard. These numbers often lead to “crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs)” or “pregnancy resource centers.” Not always, but more often than not, these centers are set up to look like legitimate health clinics. But, they aren’t; instead, many give misleading information or flat out lie to the woman about her pregnancy in order to dissuade her from getting an abortion.

Do you think women deserve honest, unbiased medical information when they are seeking care? So do we. These crisis centers can only be stopped if women speak up about the false information they are receiving during their visits. If you, a family member, or friend was tricked or lied to by a CPC, we have an easy way for you to file a consumer protection complaint to help document the harmful practices of these clinics.

For help filing this complaint, you also can contact the National Women’s Law Center at 1-855-CPC-FACT or cpcfact@nwlc.org. Filing a complaint is a first and very important step in helping other women, including your family and friends, protect their health.

When women ask questions about their health or seek services, they deserve to get complete, unbiased, and medically accurate answers. Dishonest CPCs prevent women from making informed health care decisions and threaten their health. When you’re facing a decision about a pregnancy, time is crucial. Lies, inaccurate facts and delays can be harmful to your health.

It’s important to speak up — for the sake of all women.

For more information about CPCs, check out our state-by-state resources. Thank you for all that you do to protect women’s reproductive health.


Kelli Garcia   Kelli Garcia
Senior Counsel
National Women’s Law Center

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