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What health and safety really mean in TX


In a few weeks, the Center will return to court to fight for the rights of Texas women.

This is a familiar battleground in the ongoing war on women. Led by Gov. Rick Perry, Texas politicians are fixated on devastating reproductive health care in the state.

It’s time to let Perry know that we won’t stand for his ideological agenda.

He claims to care about the women in his state. On the day he signed the most recent restrictions into law, Perry told reporters, “This is an important day for those who…support the health of Texas women.” 1

But the governor’s actions speak louder than words. The sweeping law he passed has nothing to do with safety, health, or supporting women.

The truth is, if his restrictions take effect, they would make essential health care services practically impossible for many Texans to access, leaving women’s health and safety at risk.

Tell Gov. Perry to stop using Texas women as political pawns—and to stay out of the very personal decisions that determine their health and future.

Thanks, as always, for all you do,