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How … A Bill Becomes a Law

How a Bill Becomes a Law

When performing legislative research, it is important to understand the legislative process. The numerous steps that result in a bill becoming a law are described in this 24th edition of “How Our Laws Are Made.”

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do they look illegal … dreamers

doilookillegala repost from 11/2014 … when will Republicans learn?

In response to a post from Reform Immigration for America … relief for Dreamers

HIM:  Meanwhile some immigrant is stuck in his homeland because the “dreamer” and his parents violated our most basic rules. That law-abiding immigrant may never make it here because the “dreamer” cut in line. Why reward line cutters? I do not have the slightest sympathy for kids who get hurt because of the actions of their parents. It was the parents who knew the risk and hurt their kids, not me. Half of our prison system is full of legal citizens who are parents. You do not think their kids are suffering. Should we just refuse to apply our laws to citizens who have kids? Crazy…

ME:I appreciate most if not all responses, you actually took the time to visit my blog and read a post.  The post you are referring to was taken from the organization the Reform Immigration for America site and was not only interesting it was meant to open up a dialogue; more questions and hopefully more understanding of what Dreamers have to go through in order to become an American. Therefore, I did not write the post.  I do post things I may not completely agree with but in this case, I will tell you that since the word immigrant has existed so have adult folks bringing or having children while being undocumented and no, I do not believe it is the fault of the children. The fact is immigrants of all races have experienced this since that complicit yet unspoken deal made between the undocumented and companies needing workers not only reached out. They exploited people who had nowhere else to go because the fact is, there was no economic net or program way back before the numbers grew to 11 or 12 million undocumented. Those who do cheat the system, do so with malice or who have committed illegal acts while hiding is unacceptable but being a “child of”  is a person of circumstance.

I also believe that there are parts of our economy that would not be or would be lacking in consumer services and or food even if the eco-footprint is huge. We all have to admit these workers are quite often undocumented and while there are “Americans” who do stoop work, the numbers are small and then there are the cleaning, landscape and construction industries with some in control choosing to hire the cheaper no insurance card carrying undocumented.  I think the process needs an incredible amount of reforming and though I know some about the “line cutters”, I am not sure what the actual numbers are lest we talk about the number of people who are deported wrongfully as well. It is a messy process that no one wants to deal with honestly, because the sin and the sinner are far too close at hand.

As for those in our prisons, that is a whole other bag of nasty and I cannot begin to tell you how upsetting it is to know that our prisons are in my opinion, legally controlled housing for folks of colour. I am not going to say that people of colour do not commit crimes but clearly, there are plenty of cases with the same crime committed by whites but the punishment levied to defendants is not even close. These are two issues that definitely need reforming yet I cannot interchange them because the only crime every dreamer has committed, is being brought or born in America as a young child.  whereas at least some prison inmates have actually done so … thus, my hesitation to use the analogy. I would say that being a dreamer is not as easy as you seem to think because the application, the hoops seem as rigorous as trying to become a citizen and it should be. Again, I appreciate your right to the first amendment and opinion … mine is just different.  I also think it’s time for folks to come out of the shadows; such as the kids brought or born here =Dreamers …are, in my opinion, Americans; most have or want more educational/employment opportunities, know nothing different and consider themselves American, possibly have no connection to respective family homelands. I will say that it is time for employers to be held accountable and pledge to help reform the policies that offer a path to citizenship or a way that allows folks to cross over work and go home in a more human way

I hope you are not suggesting we round folks up and send them somewhere.

If you read this … What say you?

On This Day :

May 20, 1963 The U.S. Supreme court finds segregation ordinances unconstitutional, making sit-ins legalmLKjr
African-American ministers Rev. F. L. Shuttlesworth and Rev. Billups are found not guilty of “aiding and abetting a violation of a criminal trespass ordinance of Birmingham” for their role in organizing ten students in a “sit-down demonstration” at a white lunch counter. Since segregation ordinances are not legal, sit-ins are legal, thus the ten students are not guilty of trespassing, and the two ministers are not guilty of inciting a crime.

Voting rights are still under attack … a reminder repost

chriscoonsIt’s hard to believe: voting rights are still under attack.In this past election, millions waited hours to vote and faced confusing voter ID laws that made it difficult to exercise their most fundamental right.

As shameful as that is, it could get worse. The Supreme Court is considering whether to strike a critical component of the Voting Rights Act – a landmark law that protects the right to vote for all.

In Shelby County v. Holder, the Court heard arguments challenging the constitutionality of requiring jurisdictions with a history of racially-based voting discrimination to “pre-clear” changes to their voting laws. Opponents are calling it unconstitutional because it only requires pre-clearance in areas with deep, historical discrimination patterns.

Quite simply, they’re wrong. We need to let the Supreme Court – and Congress – know that we want the Voting Rights Act protected.


We can only move this nation forward when we move it forward together, and we can only do that when every citizen is assured of the opportunity to participate in our democracy. That assurance is the right to vote.

The pre-clearance requirement has proved incredibly successful in preventing covered jurisdictions from attempting to pass discriminatory voting laws.

Judging by the long lines we saw at some polling locations, the extremely gerrymandered districts and the ongoing state legislative efforts to tilt elections by restricting access to the ballot box, the Voting Rights Act is still necessary.

The Supreme Court should uphold the Voting Rights Act in its entirety.

It is incumbent on us to help make that clear.


We must take a stand.

Best– Chris

They murdered my son

Protect Wisconsin Families and Honest Police: Support Fair Investigations  

  By Michael Bell Team : Plea for a Change
                                                Madison, WisconsinI will never forget the day I lost my son at the hands of 4 police officers who betrayed the honor and trust of the badge they wore. Our family’s tragedy was only made worse when the officers were cleared of all wrongdoing, after being investigated by their peers instead of an independent panel. The sworn testimony of each officer directly opposed irrefutable forensic evidence provided by the medical examiner. Still, no fault. As we struggled to understand this miscarriage of justice we discovered we were not alone, many families were denied an independent investigation when their loved ones were taken. We decided that together we could make their deaths mean something.

Families who have lost loved ones at the hands of officers are coming together across the nation to demand unbiased investigations.  Nationwide, officer involved deaths are routinely investigated by their coworkers resulting in an impossible record of perfection. In Wisconsin alone, an “unjustified” ruling by an officer’s department or commission cannot be found in 125 years.

The people of Wisconsin have before them a Bill to bring independent review to all officer-involved fatalities in addition to drug testing of all officers involved.

Please help Wisconsin set a much-needed precedent for all states across the nation with AB 409, the Citizens and Law Enforcement Safety Act.

Police depend on community trust in order to succeed at their jobs. Yet an antiquated system allows bad cops to avoid accountability and tarnish the image of all law officers.  AB 409 is designed to build and strengthen community trust via transparent review by experienced and independent professionals. If we come together and make AB 409 law, the public will have rock-solid confidence that their police force is being held to uniform and consistent standards and law enforcement will be protected from speculation and suspicion.

The entire bill can be seen on the state website: https://docs.legis.wisconsin.gov/2013/proposals/ab409

Please sign this petition to ensure independent and fair investigations for all officer-involved fatalities!