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do they look illegal … dreamers

doilookillegala repost from 11/2014 … when will Republicans learn?

In response to a post from Reform Immigration for America … relief for Dreamers

HIM:  Meanwhile some immigrant is stuck in his homeland because the “dreamer” and his parents violated our most basic rules. That law-abiding immigrant may never make it here because the “dreamer” cut in line. Why reward line cutters? I do not have the slightest sympathy for kids who get hurt because of the actions of their parents. It was the parents who knew the risk and hurt their kids, not me. Half of our prison system is full of legal citizens who are parents. You do not think their kids are suffering. Should we just refuse to apply our laws to citizens who have kids? Crazy…

ME:I appreciate most if not all responses, you actually took the time to visit my blog and read a post.  The post you are referring to was taken from the organization the Reform Immigration for America site and was not only interesting it was meant to open up a dialogue; more questions and hopefully more understanding of what Dreamers have to go through in order to become an American. Therefore, I did not write the post.  I do post things I may not completely agree with but in this case, I will tell you that since the word immigrant has existed so have adult folks bringing or having children while being undocumented and no, I do not believe it is the fault of the children. The fact is immigrants of all races have experienced this since that complicit yet unspoken deal made between the undocumented and companies needing workers not only reached out. They exploited people who had nowhere else to go because the fact is, there was no economic net or program way back before the numbers grew to 11 or 12 million undocumented. Those who do cheat the system, do so with malice or who have committed illegal acts while hiding is unacceptable but being a “child of”  is a person of circumstance.

I also believe that there are parts of our economy that would not be or would be lacking in consumer services and or food even if the eco-footprint is huge. We all have to admit these workers are quite often undocumented and while there are “Americans” who do stoop work, the numbers are small and then there are the cleaning, landscape and construction industries with some in control choosing to hire the cheaper no insurance card carrying undocumented.  I think the process needs an incredible amount of reforming and though I know some about the “line cutters”, I am not sure what the actual numbers are lest we talk about the number of people who are deported wrongfully as well. It is a messy process that no one wants to deal with honestly, because the sin and the sinner are far too close at hand.

As for those in our prisons, that is a whole other bag of nasty and I cannot begin to tell you how upsetting it is to know that our prisons are in my opinion, legally controlled housing for folks of colour. I am not going to say that people of colour do not commit crimes but clearly, there are plenty of cases with the same crime committed by whites but the punishment levied to defendants is not even close. These are two issues that definitely need reforming yet I cannot interchange them because the only crime every dreamer has committed, is being brought or born in America as a young child.  whereas at least some prison inmates have actually done so … thus, my hesitation to use the analogy. I would say that being a dreamer is not as easy as you seem to think because the application, the hoops seem as rigorous as trying to become a citizen and it should be. Again, I appreciate your right to the first amendment and opinion … mine is just different.  I also think it’s time for folks to come out of the shadows; such as the kids brought or born here =Dreamers …are, in my opinion, Americans; most have or want more educational/employment opportunities, know nothing different and consider themselves American, possibly have no connection to respective family homelands. I will say that it is time for employers to be held accountable and pledge to help reform the policies that offer a path to citizenship or a way that allows folks to cross over work and go home in a more human way

I hope you are not suggesting we round folks up and send them somewhere.

If you read this … What say you?

Still in the News& Congress – birthers … reminders

doilookillegala debate from 5/2011, that is still relevant

With all the commotion about birthers, birthrights, citizenship  and or any of the combinations out there, the past birther comments from trump and maybe his family made me wonder not only about their beliefs  but what their supporter followers believe and if they even know how narrow minded this man might be. The idea that people actually are able to run for political office without being vetted sufficiently enough is heartbreaking and offensive. We cannot be so lax and not use all the tools needed to pull out important information like; will you represent ALL the people in your State or just a select few and please make a list that all Americans can look at.  Naturally this issue struck me as concerning and a real problem as it affects all our families past, present and future.  I guess birthrights was something he contemplated for awhile and considering what is currently in our News any and all speeches and or comments about birtherism should be posted and made available for anyone wondering how he feels about birthright citizenship. Therefore, I did a few weeks ago and this week I received a couple of comments via email so i posted and responded to both, which are below


ME: The reason i posted comments from Trough on my blog is because we all need to see and read what people say about birth rights and why – make sure our children of the future do not grow up to talk like or promote and learn it from people like Trough –


ME: Your comments about what Ron Paul wrote are your opinions, which if you live here in America are a right not a privilege and should not be taken for granted. What i did not like or agree and are in fact lies like your statements about President Obama. I saw your pix and you look like one of my sisters so to hear a person of colour write such things seemed odd and offensive. I know it makes no difference to you but both my parents are mixed and while there is def a long history of why i come from such a multi ethnic&; cultured family, we were brought up to accept rejoice and realize that America is a country made up of immigrants. We would not be such a rich and diverse country had the attitude you and Ron Paul have. In fact, with that kind of attitude, our families would not be in America let alone take part in that quest to make our lives and or our children’s lives better if Ron and Rand Paul had their way. I take issue with people who do not accept the 14th Amendment or who use race to bash and promote hate fear without evidence that anyone is bad simply because they might be undocumented. I don’t know about you but anyone that says no one in their family history was an immigrant is lying and if they made it to America then you should praise and thank them. I know that a complicit relationship was made a long time ago by big business who figured out how to cheat while paying little or nothing to people (immigrants) who had and still have no rights to fight back. We are a nation with- the rule of law and the undocumented need to be dealt with because no one has done so correctly – President Obama did not start this, however he did bring immigration out of the shadows. I don’t know why anyone would punish a child born in America of an undocumented mother because the quest for a better life for her child was the most important thing unless of course her intent was to wreak havoc or was a terrorist but i wager that the truth leans more toward looking for a better life. I think the Dream Act would help take care of all those children who for the most part are great students some have become great teachers and or innovators that should have an opportunity to do good things for America. We should hold companies accountable. The undocumented, if upstanding given an opportunity and a path toward citizenship-Ron Paul says anchor babies are wrong and if i read your comment about birthright citizenship and how it relates to anchor babies correctly you seem to insist that President Obama is something other than an American and that is a lie – I really think you need to do some of your own research. Btw, not all Muslims, Blacks, Hispanics or Whites are bad but you do know America has white terrorists who are bad-

Final comments left …



Actually, I went to your site and read your comments or what you call critiques. I said we live in America and thank goodness, freedom of speech is just one great reason to live here. However, I read your comments in a much diff way and will stand firm. I think it’s fun and amusing that anyone would give themselves props for anything the mainstream media says because in my opinion it’s lame offensive and full of lies. If that is what you want, props for them and so be it, but most people are not happy with the right of center biased comments from “the media.” My President , President Barack H. Obama is not only underestimated people boost his polls because they are actually comparing and contrasting his comments against what the Republican Tea Party and the folks who control cable news as well as mainstream media thank you very much. I know a lot of folks would love to take the victory lap but he is his own force moving toward that change 53% of Americans voted for – I give any and or all props to this President -full credit for all that he does. – Well, welcome to America and thank you for responding to the rethinking birthrights citizenship essay that Ron Paul wrote though if I read your blog correctly you support his point of view, which was why I responded originally. I still am offended by his views in that essay as well as anything else he says when he is on the airwaves about Race, birthright including the 14thAmendment.



the Other Washington


It’s clear from the Republican-controlled State Senate budget proposals they expected my grassroots supporters, like you, to just stop working as soon as the campaign was over.

But together, we proved they were wrong — by standing up, speaking out, and holding the line when they tried to drag our state backward.

Now we’re facing another challenge. July 31 at midnight is our first fundraising deadline since the legislative session ended. We need to reach our $10,000 July fundraising goal to make sure we can keep fighting to close unnecessary tax loopholes, create jobs, and fully fund public education.

Will you contribute $5, $10, or more before the deadline to keep our grassroots movement strong?

Our opponents are watching to see if you and I have what it takes to keep standing up and fighting on the critical issues facing our state.

And make no mistake about it: We have work to do.

This year, Senate Republicans failed to close unnecessary tax loopholes and create a long-term funding solution for our public schools. They stopped efforts to bring forth bipartisan legislation like the Dream Act and the Reproductive Parity Act.

And they failed to bring to a vote and pass a transportation package to keep people and goods flowing across our state.

That just means we have to keep fighting — harder than ever — to deliver on the promise I made to wake up every morning laser-focused on creating jobs and strengthening the economy.

Together we can keep up the fight, and together we can win it, but I need you to stand with me now.

Will you contribute $5, $10, or more before the midnight deadline July 31 and keep our grassroots movement strong?

Thank you so much for your continued support. Together we can do hard things.

Very truly yours,

Jay Inslee

a message from Gov. Inslee

English: , member of the United States House o...
English: , member of the United States House of Representatives (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This year’s legislative session proved one important point: the Working Washington Agenda that we brought to Olympia is very different than that of the Republican controlled state Senate.


Well, all of the early talk about bipartisanship had me hoping we could move forward on issues that actually had bipartisan support like the DREAM Act, the Reproductive Parity Act, and fixing our transportation system.

Unfortunately, the Senate Majority Coalition was big on bipartisan rhetoric and short on action. None of these bills were ever brought to the Senate floor for a vote! Luckily we were able to prevent the state Senate from going backwards on many key funding and policy issues.

With your support we said, “no” to continued cuts to our most vulnerable citizens. And, together we said, “no” to policy that would have hurt working families and our environment.

In order to succeed, we’re going to have to face down the inertia and inaction we fought against during this past legislative session. They’re already gearing up to stop us from delivering on critical issues our state needs — like closing unnecessary tax loopholes, creating good paying jobs, and fully funding public education.

Will you contribute $5, $10, or more to help us end the Republican agenda, and make sure we are ready for what our opponents will throw at us?

I’m proud that, in spite of resistance from the Senate Republicans, we expanded Medicaid. I’m proud that we delivered an additional $1 billion in funding for our schools — a down payment required by our constitution to fully fund our children’s education. And I’m proud that we stopped our opponents from sneaking their out-of-step ideas into the budget.

Having you standing with me made that possible. But not everyone’s happy.

I will continue to fight to close unnecessary tax breaks in order to fund education for the long haul. Oil companies and Senate Republicans both know that I will continue to press on until we get it done.

Will you contribute $5, $10, or more to support us in this fight, and help us continue our Working Washington Agenda?

As you know, political campaigns do not end when you get elected. The grassroots movement we built during the campaign is essential as we work to build innovative industries that benefit all Washingtonians.

Your support today will give us the resources we need to get things done. Thank you for your tremendous support every day. Together we can accomplish hard things.

Very truly yours,

Jay Inslee Governor