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Steve King Has : “Never Heard” of Pregnancy from Statutory Rape … unreal and a reminder

Steve King Has “Never Heard” Of Pregnancy From Statutory Rape

Steve King Has “Never Heard” Of Pregnancy From Statutory Rape

Well, if the Todd Akin mess has shown anything, it’s that any talk of abortion restrictions being passed in the name of “protecting” or “helping” women is just that.

There is nothing helpful about forced pregnancy and birth, yet that is the precise position of the Republican party. And as if Akin’s statements that rape exceptions are not needed in abortion bans because women don’t get pregnant in the case of “legitimate” rape weren’t bad enough, Rep. Steve King (R-IA) made the case that Republicans don’t believe statutory rape is legitimate rape.

As Talking Points Memo reports, King told an Iowa reporter he’s never heard of a child getting pregnant from statutory rape or incest.

“Well I just haven’t heard of that being a circumstance that’s been brought to me in any personal way,” King told KMEG-TV Monday, “and I’d be open to discussion about that subject matter.”

By Akin’s logic, a logic shared by Mike Huckabee, Steve King, Ron Paul and countless others in the Republican party, this lack of evidence of conception means that an exception to an abortion ban in the cases of statutory rape are not needed.

A 1996 report by the Guttmacher Institute found that at least half of all babies born to minor women are fathered by adult men.

That, by definition, is childbirth as a result of statutory rape. But most importantly is the big picture here. These are not isolated, unhinged comments by the fringe of the Republican party. This is their platform.

From Bad to Worse

GOP’s August Woes Continue

From birther eruptions to lonely diatribes against immigration reform to doubling down on their anti-science climate denialism, things are just not going very well out there for Republicans this August.

Here’s the latest news on Republicans’ long, hot August:
•GOP can’t turn off the climate science crazy: Salon’s Brian Beutler writes, “Going into August recess, GOP leaders were really hoping its members of Congress wouldn’t yield to a shared tendency to talk about climate science…To no one’s surprise, though, that’s a bit like hoping the scorpion won’t sting the frog. Already this month, several House Republicans have given in to their nature.”
•GOP Congressman calls for government shutdown unless Congress ‘defunds Obamacare this year’:
During a town hall meeting in a tony suburb outside Sacramento on Tuesday, McClintock brought up the upcoming continuing resolution, which is necessary to keep government open but which many conservatives are targeting as a venue for another showdown over Obamacare. McClintock told the audience that he will vote against the continuing resolution — and thus for a government shutdown — unless the bill “defunds Obamacare this year.”
•Rand Paul: ‘I don’t think there is any particular evidence’ of black voters being prevented from voting: Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY), a tea party senator with a long history of opposition to civil rights laws, told an audience in Louisville, Kentucky on Wednesday that there is no evidence of black voters being excluded from the franchise.
•GOP Congressman argues against multiculturalism: ‘There’s only one race here, it’s the American race’: Rep. Tom McClintock (R-CA) took a strong stand against multiculturalism at a town hall meeting, arguing that immigrants need to shed their culture, become “the American race,” and if they’re unwilling to do so, “reevaluate” whether they want to be in this country in the first place. Fielding questions about immigration reform, McClintock told the audience on Tuesday evening that he worries current generations of immigrants aren’t assimilating like in the past but instead retaining the culture from their native land. “There’s only one race here, it’s the American race,” he implored to constituents.
•Rep. Steve King says Latino immigrants are from a ‘violent civilization,’ will bring ‘more violence’ to America:
Rep. Steve King (R-IA) launched a vicious tirade against individuals from Latin America, claiming that the population gets more violent as one moves further south in Latin America
•Huge crowd turns out to pressure House GOP leader to back pathway to earned citizenship: A crowd of at least 1,000 people turned out today at a town hall meeting in the district of Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), the third-ranking GOP leader in the House of Representatives.
•Almost nobody shows up at Steve King’s anti-immigration reform “rally”: Rep. Steve King (R-IA) held a rally on Monday to oppose the immigration reform effort taking place on Capitol Hill, but no one, it seems, felt like going.
Screen shot 2013-08-12 at 8.37.14 PM
CREDIT: Politico’s @seungminkim

832 Billion Reasons for Immigratio​n Reform

By ThinkProgress War Room

The Economic Case for Immigration Reform

After months of negotiations, 8 key senators today proposed a sweeping and historic reform of our nation’s broken immigration system. The plan, which was previewed today in news reports, will be officially unveiled soon by the so-called “Gang of 8″ Republican and Democratic senators.

The proposal comes on the same day as a new poll that found that an overwhelming 84 percent of Americans — including 79 percent of Republicans — favor the kind of pathway to earned citizenship detailed in the proposal.

Nevertheless, some of the most anti-immigrant conservatives are already trying to kill the plan. Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL), who has a troubled past on race issues, said today that he was unhappy with the proposal because it will allow immigrants to improve the quality of their lives. FAIR, a racist hate group, is bringing activists to Washington this week to lobby against the bill and the Tea Party Patriots are also mobilizing against it. Rep. Steve King (R-IA) even tried to take advantage of the Boston bomb attacks to argue against reform.

Reforming our broken system and bringing 11 MILLION people out of the shadows is the morally correct thing to do, but it’s also the economically smart thing to do:

BOTTOM LINE: No matter how much spin and vitriol conservatives throw at the immigration reform bill over the next few months, it’s still the right thing to do for our country and for our economy.

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the week -end review &some News

Sunday buzzzzzz … rain and more rain …in fact a whole lot of flooding and leaks going on here in the 206.

So far December has been busy, bothersome and …beyond the pale in some respects because since the midterms and the voters taking a hard right without having what i feel is all the right information are now seeing the really bad reasoning for voting and giving the Republican Tea Party so much power. I do not understand putting the same people in power that got us into this economical ditch and it’s looking like a possible abyss might be coming. The Democratic Party along with most if not all progressives on radio and cable seemed to have waged a war on President Obama, I will not join in on this witch hunt or party cleansing that some seem to be engaging in.

I will say that President Obama has shown himself to be the only grown up in the room negotiated a deal that has crap in it yet seemingly had to be done. I get it the Party is pissed he did it without them -get over it because y’all had your shot and did not get it done. If this deal can be changed then so be it but it is in my opinion a huge stimulus 2.0 with a couple of bad items, hopefully there are some in the Republican Tea Party that will shame their own to do what is right for All Americans. It is with great sadness to know that some of our own democratic representatives have been calling my President some nasty names at the very least. These same  so-called progressives are using their platforms that reach out to millions with angry faces spewing vitriol at and about a man who decided to run for office knowing what was going on with our economy anyway. I voted for the best possible candidate not because he is Black contrary to what people like Ed Shultz feels about the African American voter. I will say Ethnic families now have proof that a person of colour cannot just announce, talk, and or run for President but they can get into the game and compete. President Obama has proved not only that he was competent but also quite possibly above, beyond and ahead of his time. I am proud that most of our family can share this Presidency though our parents passed, they lived and fought for his right for equal opportunities. My parents lived through the ugly days of not just Jim crow but saw their parents face questions regarding race and interracial relationships – some forced, others inevitable and others were definitely complicit with lots of love, my parents and grandparents would be proud of President Obama.

I received several emails with an urgency to jump on the wagon to fight President Obama’s new tax deal. I honestly have not heard enough that would make me sign a petition stating my President is wrong, loony or just does not know what he is doing. I have yet to hear the facts of just exactly what would they do if Democrats in Congress fail to make sure that UI benefits are going to be reinstated or that the 99ers will be taken care of and how about $250 dollars for Seniors and that is just a start.

I am not torn by the decision to stand with our Presidents decision to compromise because i truly do not believe our President wanted to sell out Americans and boy does this prove he isn’t a Socialist either right, i mean can beck, limbaugh and other stop talking that trash from now on. We all know the RTP stalled, blocked, scaled down, and said no to just about every bill meant to help America get back on track. The RTP even inserted porn, Viagra and other foul things as Amendments to make it harder for everyone to vote yes -this was truly an un-American move when we are in a crisis Mitch McConnell and his comrades chose to play dirty politics over working for the people of America. It is disturbing, maybe not so surprising that people on both sides of the aisle are still pointing fingers and blaming President Obama for the lack of improvement in our economy. The amnesia folks seem to be surrounding themselves in is nutty. We all need to be reminded that were several bills in the Senate, a Jobs bill for example that was once 85million was scaled down to 15million because of the 60vote rule and a definite lack of cohesion in the Democratic Party. We were once the majority party with members who voted as they seemed or felt fit unlike Republicans who unite on most issues no matter or if the greater good is the obvious choice. Yet, decided to hold Americans, legislation and the Middle Class hostage, which is odd because anyone with kids tries to teach the need for compromise. I do not know any parent who could get through the day without teaching their kids to know when to compromise. I have been wondering for 20 months what does the lack of compromise say about the Republican Tea Party and now I wonder about my own Political Party. Have we all forgotten what Senator Barack Obama said … Our economy would get worse before it got better; so true and if you watched the goings on in Congress everyone in both Chambers seemed too worried, too anxious about yep the midterms. I felt incredibly short changed by all the hype all the voting and running our representatives did opposed to well getting things done and choosing to wait until after the midterms saying we have time. I blame our Democratic Party for a lot because they create, make, and pass the laws the President does not and people need to remember that. Contrary to what I have been hearing, I do not think our President is trying to outsmart anyone. I do feel he has the people of America on his mind while our own are willing to opt out and fight the Bush Bonus dollars. The deal may not be acceptable to my party but given the fact that we only have three weeks this might be as good as it gets. I hope folks will not forget that there was time before the midterms but they waited and waited now my own party has people like Anthony Wiener going on the cables and tv knocking the agreement, our President have wasted so much time when there is so much to do before. I was offended by what seems like WMD being thrown at my President by the likes of ed Shultz let alone his comment that implied the only reason for the continued support of President Obama is because we are Black People having an emotional connection or tie to this President -first i was offended. Now, I say damn straight we are emotionally tied because if i did not know any better i would say Jim crow was back maybe just more overt and in full effect in some cities in our country today.

“The new Jim Crow”: a book by Michelle Alexander is a revelation and after watching, the ranting of Rep.Steve King it made me wants to post his behavior on Congress floor and recommend the book.

Below you will find videos from Political Articles and the YTY. I ask myself everyday when people will agree that this kind of behavior is unacceptable on the floor of Congress, it makes me question whom does Rep.Steve King represent exactly anyway, the transcript and video is below:

REP. STEVE KING (R), IOWA: Figure this out, Madam Speaker. We have a very, very urban Senator Barack Obama who has decided to run for president, and what does he do? He introduces legislation to create a whole new Pigford claim.


COOPER: Congressman King did not point out then-Senator Obama was representing the state of Illinois, some 80 percent of which is made up of farmland.

The congressman went to equate these payments with slave reparations.


KING: We have got to stand up at some point and say, we’re not going to pay slavery reparations in the United States Congress. That war’s been fought. That was over a century ago. That debt was paid for in blood, and it was paid for in the blood of a lot of Yankees especially.

And there’s no reparations for the blood that paid for the sin of slavery. No one’s filing that claim.


COOPER: Well, just for the record, President Obama is on the record as opposing reparations for slavery, said it several times. I asked him even about it during a CNN/YouTube presidential debate three years ago.


COOPER: Senator Obama, your position on reparations?


SEN. BARACK OBAMA (D-IL), PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: I think the reparations we need right here in South Carolina is investment, for example, in our schools. That’s the kind of reparations that are really going to make a difference in America right now.

COOPER: Is anyone — is any…


COOPER: So, point one, President Obama’s not for reparations. But the president’s motivations aside, though, what about Congress — Congressman King’s claim that the first phase of the Pigford settlement was full of fraud?

He says 94,000 people have submitted claims, but only 18,000 African-American farmers could have qualified, and that the vast majority of those claims were fraudulent.

Here’s what he said Monday night about a federal claims processor he talked to.


KING: One of those individuals — and I have had anecdotes from several, but one of those individuals felt the burden of the corruption and the fraudulent claims that were coming forward in front of him, that he copied a box of applications, a literal box of applications, which I’m really sure that would not have been very constructive to him maintaining his job with the USDA.

But it bothered his conscience so much. And when he came back to Iowa, he wanted to make it a point to make sure that I knew that these applications that he was dealing with, were, he believed, a minimum of 75 percent fraudulent — 75 percent fraudulent.

Now, if you just apply that to the $1.05 billion in claims that were paid out, if he’s right in that number, $750 million were wasted paying people that didn’t have it coming.


COOPER: Seven hundred and fifty million dollars out of $1 billion wasted, according to the congressman.

Now, if true, obviously, it’s a shocking amount of fraud. But he gets that figure by extrapolating from, at most, several people. We asked the USDA. They gave us this statement.

“All allegations,” they say, “were forwarded to the OIG” — that’s the Office of the Inspector General — “who in turn referred them to the FBI.” It goes on to say, “The FBI prosecuted a total of three individuals. With approximately 20,000 claimants, three prosecutions means that 0.015 percent of the claimants were determined by the FBI to be serious enough to merit prosecution.”

Congressman — Congressman King also says that there have been more than — more claims than possible farmers. The USDA says, in a nutshell, that, in the 15 years covered by the current bill, farms changed hands. So, according to the department, the 44,000 African- American farmers in 1996 were not all the same farmers in 1981, hence the additional claims, and that many farmers were driven out of business by discrimination.

I spoke with Congressman King a few moments ago, along with John Boyd, president of the National Black Farmers Association.

Republicans — Stuck in a Swamp of Hypocrisy, Hyperbole, Historical Inaccuracy and Hatred: http://www.politicalarticles.net/blog…


The biggest surprise and or thriller of the month are the Cascio family who made a guest appearance on the Oprah show spoke and showed proof of their friendship with videos of them with MJ together. That was surprising enough but then we find out that an album produced by the family i guess with some new songs and videos of them with MJ – wow incredible! I am definitely one of those who are suspicious especially when his own family did not seem to know about the release let alone hearing that Sony might be apart of this is worrisome because of the conflict MJ had with Sony. i have no problem believing it is  him but it is just odd to release studio music as an album- it had to be pieced together right? because studio music is never the sum product and because he is such perfectionist it just seems like it would not be acceptable. I must say teddy riley is suspicious to me as well but then any attachment to Sony is questionable and offensive but that is just me. I do not know the truth but my opinion is strong deep and sad knowing the anger as well as the conflicts between Sony and MJ were  made public by him so it just seems all about the money.

I am still upset with the MJ doctor who seems guilty to me and who with some odd behavior from his staff are still walking around free. The fact that a doctor would choose not to have proper medical equipment at a house in which he provided a service albeit questionable have yet to be subjected to the rule of law is odd. The latest information in the news is that “the needles have not been tested yet,” I am no expert maybe whatever is on those needles will not evaporate but why take that risk and what will it take for his family to push for the testing to happen.

I would like to know why this family waited until MJ died to put this studio thing out and again feel the revenues belong to MJ’s kids.


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