Wake up banks, mountains are at stake …Amanda Starbuck, Rainforest Action Network

With your help over the last year, six of the largest banks in the world have cut their financing of mountaintop removal coal mining (MTR).


Sadly, a RAN report released today shows that Citi, PNC, Deutsche Bank and UBS are still asleep as mountains across Appalachia are destroyed forever.

So we’re going BIG and we’re getting louder. We’ve partnered with actress Susan Sarandon to issue a major wake up call about the tragedy of mountaintop removal. Watch this incredible video and send it to bank CEOs today.

Our mountains, our forests and the health of Appalachian communities are being sacrificed. It’s time for banks to stop financing MTR completely.

Send this important video to bank CEOs and tell them to stop funding the destruction of America’s mountains.    http://www.ran.org/mtr

As Ms. Sarandon says, “Families across Appalachia need our help. Mountaintop removal is an American tragedy…an unnecessary, outdated practice with no place in our clean energy future.”

Show these banks what’s really at stake when they choose to do business with MTR coal companies.   http://www.ran.org/mtr

Thanks for taking action with us. We couldn’t do it without you.

For the mountains,

Amanda Starbuck

Energy Finance Campaign

This week in the Senate … the Republican led House

This Week –

**Monday in the Senate: Confirmation of Executive Calendar, Jimmie V. Reyna, of Maryland, to be United States Circuit Judge;

Confirmed: 86-0  … First Latino on Federal Circuit Court of Appeals

**S.493 small biz –High Tech Start Ups

**GOP submits FY2012 Budget

**H.R4, 1099 Repeal HC Law Tax Reporting Rule

**Negotiations on amendments resume

**Net Neutrality and EPA

This Week –

**Monday in the House: H.R. 1246  to reduce the amounts otherwise authorized to be appropriated to the Department of Defense for printing and reproduction

**HRes 200 Providing for consideration of the joint resolution (H.J. Res. 37) disapproving the rule submitted by the Federal Communications Commission with respect to regulating the Internet and broadband industry practices.

**Leaders are at the White House discussing the Budget – Boehner and his Freshman Tea Party members?

Tell Congress to Help Create Jobs Not Cut Them


Tell Congress to Help Create Jobs Not Cut Them

Tell Congress to vote NO on H.R. 1. Now is not the time to cut investment in business and jobs.

Call (888) 494-8956 and enter your zip code to be connected directly to your Congress member

Tonight: Kick-off call with Barack Obama and Joe Biden

Yesterday, Barack Obama and Joe Biden began their 2012 campaign.

Tonight, they want to talk to you.

At 8:30 p.m. Eastern Time, the President and Vice President will be holding a campaign conference call for the supporters and volunteers who’ve powered this movement for the past two years. I hope you can join us.

As the 2012 campaign kicks off, we want to thank you for all that you’ve done, give a briefing on next steps as we build a new organization upon the foundation we’ve built together, and get everyone fired up for what lies ahead.


We’ve accomplished a lot over the last two years — but our work is far from done.

President Obama needs to continue his efforts to put Americans back to work and more fundamentally change the way business gets done in Washington. And while he keeps his focus on the job he was elected to do, he’s relying more than ever on supporters like you to start laying the groundwork — so we’re prepared for when the race hits full speed next year.

You can get in on the ground floor as we build this campaign.

Please join the President on tonight’s phone call. RSVP here to get a call at 8:30 p.m. Eastern Time, or to listen in online:


If you can’t make tonight’s kick-off call, there will be another one this Thursday, April 7th, at 7:00 p.m. Eastern Time. David Axelrod and I will talk about the strategy for the first few months of this campaign — RSVP here for that second call.

Talk to you soon,


Jim Messina

Campaign Manager