Nothing left after the storm … Helene D. Gayle, CARE

CARE -- The Stories of Global Poverty - Crisis in Madagascar -- Donate NowThe people of Madagascar were struggling to recover from Cyclone Giovanna when a second tropical storm,

Irina, took them by surprise last month. With nearly a quarter of the island’s population living in poverty,

these two storms made things worse.

In addition to causing more than 100 deaths, the storms ripped through homes and destroyed the few possessions families owned.
CARE is on the ground today working with our partners to provide emergency relief for 250,000 people

who now lack even the basics: food, clean water and shelter.
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Among the survivors in Madagascar is Jackie, his wife and 7-year-old daughter.

He told CARE about the night Cyclone Giovanna tore through his district,

“We saw a part of our roof blown away by the storm and our house collapsed after that.”
Nothing near where Jackie lived survived the storm that night

— not homes, stores or crops — but Jackie is thankful he and his family did.

Today, many people in his town are in a dire situation.

People are facing hunger as their food was blown or washed away and they’re living in inadequate,

temporary shelters that do little to protect them from the elements.
Irina’s heavy rains severely damaged roads, making them impassable and

preventing urgent delivery of emergency response services.

Flooding and broken infrastructure also threaten to increase the spread of waterborne diseases like cholera and malaria.
CARE is distributing food and emergency shelter materials as well as repairing roads so that aid reaches those who need it most.

However, much remains to be done before Jackie and his family can resume their normal lives.
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Helene D. Gayle, MD, MPH President and CEO, CARE