Be a Seed for Change

I needed a place to sound off. To increase awareness on some issues we should all know and care about, start a dialogue, get people to sign a petition(s), offer and post some info from folks who know, challenge the people who think they know. I feel we should Question not only their comments, views, and reviews but be a part of a community who believe in action not lip service, my 2cents or more.

It’s time for a change … & contrary to what is going on now… I still have the Audacity for HOPE and CHANGE

I am a MOM first, earned my BA in English Lit, Activist, and Advocate for my children and my family. I am an ex-track rat, ex-cheerleader, ex-gymnast, and a lover of dance: free/ballet 10yrs or more of dance training, contemporary/lyrical, and jazz.   In other words, I am competitive. I come from a fishing based family, love talking, food, gorgeous men & movies, not necessarily in that order; my pet fishy détente loves word games I have a great love of books, words, and music –Oye Como VA

I support Obama because he represents the bold and drastic changes we need NOW in Washington, DC … he believes in action, not the lip service we’ve gotten from the last administration… he knows and understands we need to pay attention to our environment, that we need to narrow the gap between the haves and have none, better health-care. Last, our future is our children and that means better educational opportunities…

Americans should demand nothing less than … Equal rights for everyone in all its forms.

The change Americans believed in 2008 … is now one we must all take part in and fight for so, look for, sign, and or comment on Petitions available. Use the petitions to voice your opinion, tell me what YOU think, support, or push Congress for… “We the PeopleGOTV for Barack H. Obama 2012

My Blog: Point/CounterPoint… named after the Novel written in the 1920′s

Yet, Reflects our 21st-century society … characters in Politics and Pop culture who denounce the dangers of sacrificing humanity for intellectualism while expressing concerns about the staggering progress of science and technology.

Who also condemn opinions on class and the reactions of people as the barriers break down comparing where the various possibilities and relationships collide or cross paths while looking with judgmental eyes at the dichotomy between reason and passion.

The push and pull of social values … Point/CounterPoint .

Issues: equality /immigration/ civil rights; civil liberties / privacy; peace & social justice; foreign policy / human rights/security; economic fairness / security; environment / conservation; smart energy policy; public infrastructure / transportation; good government / ethics; electoral reform; affordable health care; education Registered to Vote: Yes

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