WhiteHouse Expert answers questions on REFINANCING

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James Parrott, Senior Advisor for the National Economic Council, answers your questions on President Obama’s  around the country to refinance their mortgages and save hundreds of dollars each month. It will cut through the red tape will be good for families, good for communities, and good for the country at large

Help Close the Pregnancy Loophole …Emily J. Martin, National Women’s Law Center

National Women's Law Center
                  Help Close the Pregnancy Loophole  

                  Tell your Representative to co-sponsor the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act to ensure that pregnant women are treated fairly on the job.  
  Call (202) 224-3121 today!  

Yes it’s true: In 2012, getting pregnant can still cost you your job.
Thanks to a gap opened between discrimination laws and disability laws by court decisions, some employers are refusing to accommodate even simple requests that help workers maintain a healthy pregnancy.
Here are three startling examples of women who, thanks to the pregnancy loophole, were fired for doing what was best for their pregnancies:

  • A retail sales associate in Salina, Kansas was fired for drinking water while working because it violated store policy.
  • A nursing home activities director in Valparaiso, Indiana lost her job because she could no longer lift heavy tables, an activity that took up less than 10 minutes of her workday and with which her coworkers routinely volunteered to assist.
  • A pregnant truck driver in Tennessee was instructed by her obstetrician not to lift more than 20 pounds and sought light duty work. Her employer terminated her, as it made such modifications only to those injured on the job.

Sounds crazy, right? Unfortunately, thousands of pregnant women are forced to choose between losing their jobs (or taking unpaid leave) and endangering their pregnancies, when just a few small workplace accommodations are usually all that’s needed.
To close this egregious pregnancy loophole, Pregnant Workers Fairness Act was introduced today in the House of Representatives by Reps. Nadler (D-NY) and a number of his colleagues. To give this bill a solid start, we need as many Representatives to co-sponsor this bill as possible.
Will you take 3 minutes to call your Representative and ask them to co-sponsor the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act? Calling is easy to do.

  1. Call (202) 224-3121.
  2. Tell the operator who answers the phone the name of your Representative. (Not sure? Look it up here.)
  3. Once you are connected to the office of your Representative, tell the staff person who answers:
    • Your name, that you are a constituent from (city, state).
    • I am calling to ask you to co-sponsor the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act. It’s time to close the pregnancy loophole and ensure that pregnant women are treated fairly on the job.
    • Thank you.
  4. Hang up and ask your friends or co-workers to make a call as well.

Thank you for your continued support.

Emily J. Martin   Emily J. Martin Vice President and General Counsel National Women’s Law Center     

P.S. Want to learn more? Read the Op-Ed in The New York Times that inspired this bill. And check out a fact sheet on the bill from the National Women’s Law Center.

good Information caught on tape

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The White House Office of Public Engagement honors 11 individuals from Head Start programs across the country who have demonstrated a commitment to delivering on the promise of Head Start in their local communities. Over 45 years after its inception, Head Start continues to serve as a national laboratory for how we think about educating and caring for our youngest, most vulnerable children. June 18, 2012.

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Ben Rhodes, Deputy National Security Advisor for Strategic Communications and Speechwriting, previews President Obama’s trip to Mexico for the 2012 G20 Summit.


A picture is worth a thousand words, especially when shared with others. That’s why we wanted you to be the first to see and share this new image about devastating policies that reward corporations for shipping good jobs offshore.

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50,000 manufacturing facilities gone. 6 million jobs lost. Chronic trade deficits. Record cash hoarding by the largest U.S. non-financial companies. These are all results of the troubling economic policies some of our lawmakers have passed and defended.

These policies have outsourced jobs and rewarded corporations with taxpayers’ money while they ship production, jobs and innovation overseas. Wall Street bankers and CEOs have filled their pockets while the rest of us have picked up the pieces.

This month and beyond, working families across the country will call on lawmakers and corporations to bring good jobs home and invest in America again, instead of shipping away our future.

We will tell you about events and actions during the weeks ahead. But right now, you can help by sharing the above graphic on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

It’s time we brought good jobs home and made new our commitment to Made in America. Do your part by sharing this image at the link below:


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