$3 million.

That’s how much money the opponents of the freedom to marry are raising to repeal marriage equality in Washington, and fight it in other states. And the National Organization for Marriage, or NOM, has quite a history of using that money to scare and mislead voters about what the freedom to marry means.

And, believe me — NOM is just beginning to drown Washington with campaign cash. Just last night, we learned that they’d transferred ANOTHER $400,000 into Washington.

Please click here to contribute $3 to fight these ads now — if we wait until they’re on the air in Washington, it’ll be too late.

After I emailed you about NOM’s campaign to — and I quote — “protect marriage from Barack Obama and his wealthy homosexual lobbyists”, some of our supporters suggested that I tell you exactly what these $3 million dollars in anonymous donations are going to buy.

In 2008, NOM ran an ad called “Princess” which featured a young girl telling her mom “what she learned in school today” — which was that “A prince can marry a prince, and I can marry a princess!” You know the argument by now: that somehow, allowing all loving couples to marry will upend our schools and threaten religious freedom.  It was a lie then and it’s a lie now.

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These are the kind of false attacks that we KNOW are coming.

We know, because the same organization, it’s same shadowy anonymous donors, and the same spin doctors that put together this ad are bankrolling — and leading — our opposition in Washington.

It worked in California — but we can stop them in Washington, if you click here to contribute $3 right now.

Sorry to pollute your inbox with this, but you deserve to know.

Zach Silk Campaign Manager Washington United for Marriage