CONGRESS: the Republican led House : pro forma session : the Senate

The Senate will meet on the following dates at the following times for pro forma sessions only with no business conducted:

Tuesday, October 16th at 10:00am

Friday, October 19th at 11:00am

Tuesday, October 23rd at 1:00pm

Friday, October 26th at 1:00pm

Tuesday, October 30th at 10:00am

Friday, November 2nd at 11:00am

Tuesday, November 6th at 11:00am

Friday, November 9th at 10:00am


Last Floor Action:  10/12/2012
The Speaker announced that pursuant to the provisions of section 3(b) of H. Res. 788, the House stands adjourned.

The next meeting of the House is scheduled for 2:00 p.m. on Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Apply to the 2013 President’s Honor Roll –

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Apply to the 2013 President’s Honor Roll

Each year, the President’s Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll recognizes higher education institutions that reflect the values of exemplary community service and achieve meaningful outcomes in their communities through service with the President’s Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll.

Applications for the 2013 President’s Honor Roll is November 29, 2012 at 5:00 PM Eastern Standard Time.

To help you through the application process, we have scheduled webinars and conference calls right up until the application due date.  Plan to attend one or more of these. Check the schedule on the right.

For more detailed information about the 2013 President’s Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll and to apply, please visit

Email your questions to or call our support line at 202-606-3222.

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White House Curator

whitehouse has uploaded Catching up with the Curator: The White House Fire of 1814.
Catching up with the Curator: The White House Fire of 1814
Go inside the White House with White House Curator Bill Allman as he shows you how the effects of the White House fire of 1814 still linger untill this day. For information on fire prevention or general emergency preparedness head on over to

The Choice is Clear …

If you want this to happen again:

Or this:

Then we need to get more Democrats elected here:

And it starts with electing this Police chief:

This astronaut:

This doctor:

And a bunch of other great Democratic candidates for Congress:

But we’re being outspent by these guys:

And this guy isn’t going to go down without a fight:

So we need you to give us $3 or whatever you can:

So on November 6th we can all:

Let’s go win this thing. Donate $3 today.
Democrats 2012

Support Maria Cantwell for Senate …

With just 27 days until Election Day, I’ve got big news:

We just launched our first TV ad of the general election, highlighting one of the many ways that Maria has made life better for the people of our state: by working with businesses to create jobs here in Washington, including for our veterans.

Too many veterans serve our country and then find it difficult to secure jobs when they return home. Maria knows that we’ve got to change that.

Click here to see our new ad, “Great People,” and see what Maria is doing to boost job creation and get veterans working again in Washington.

Maria was a cosponsor of the VOW to Hire Heroes Act, a law that’s helping veterans find jobs here in Washington and around the country.

This law:

  • Offers tax incentives to businesses that hire unemployed veterans;
  • Created a retraining program to help veterans transition to new jobs back at home; and
  • Provides new pathways to make the jump back into civilian life a little easier.

While we still have more work to do to create jobs for veterans and non-veterans alike, this is a program that we can all be proud of.

Filmed in Tacoma at J.M. Martinac Shipbuilding, our new ad shows why Maria is the right choice for Washington — watch it and then share it with everyone you know.

In 27 days, we have a chance to send a champion of Washington back to the Senate. We know that Maria will fight for us day-in and day-out to increase employment opportunities and bring back jobs to Washington.

But we still need to get the word out in these final weeks of the campaign — please watch our new ad, then forward this email to your friends so that they can watch it, too!

Thank you,

Robin Brand Campaign Manager Friends of Maria