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Benghazi! House Rs cut Funding for Embassy Security ! This still hasn’t been addressed!

I had planned to post this in October, but with everything going on … Voters pollsters having selective amnesia need to be reminded… #RidenWithBiden

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Just a reminder …

Rep. Chaffetz defends his criticism of the handling of Libyan consulate security despite voting to cut embassy funding.
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The 2013 Misinforme​r of the Year is…

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Misinformer Of The Year: CBS News

MisinformerWhen it came time to decide the 2013 Media Matters Misinformer Of The Year, there was only one choice: CBS News. From 60 Minutes‘ failures on Benghazi, Social Security Disability, and the NSA to other network failures on pushing misleading Republican talking points, CBS News truly had a black eye in 2013. Eric Boehlert audits CBS’ grizzly 2013: http://mm4a.org/1fKEPZm

A Year On The Fringe

Alex JonesMatt Drudge wasn’t the only one to mainstream Alex Jones this year. CNN, Fox News and even the House of Representatives did the same, even as Jones pushed wild conspiracies (like how a government weather weapon may have been responsible for the devastating Oklahoma tornado). Ben Dimiero tours the year on the fringe: http://mm4a.org/19bOOTp

Priorities Reversed

Hands OffBeltway pundits far too often focus on the debt while sneering at the social safety net. Unemployment, food stamps, disability, Social Security, and Medicaid have all been attacked in 2013. Craig Harrington explains what the pundits are getting wrong: http://mm4a.org/1carqKn Related: One of the most common mistakes journalists make is conflating centrist policy with objectively good policy. But sometimes the center is wrong. Columbia Journalism Review‘s Brendan Nyhan explains what deficit hysteria misses: http://bit.ly/192SGck 


KilmeadeFox regularly promotes Islamophobia, and 2013 was no different. We look back at the network’s hate in 2013: http://youtu.be/qVl3QrVVc0o


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WomenIt seems conservative media can’t open their mouth without saying something horrible about women. Here are the worst of their moments in 2013, from “Abortion Barbie” to “something about the female brain.” http://mm4a.org/1ligoDZ


Death By Bicycle The Most Absurd Attacks On Clean Tech In 2013

Help Us Fight The Lies

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Benghazi. IRS targeting of the Tea Party. Benghazi. Government ammo stockpiling. Taxpayer-funded abortions. Even more Benghazi. The War on Christmas.
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The cognitive dissonance between Thanksgiving and Black Friday is well-noted, but as more retailers open on Thanksgiving instead of Friday, it’s worth remembering this weekend what being thankful really means — and what are the best ways to pass that on to others.

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On Leave

Lara LoganFollowing a CBS internal review, the network asked Lara Logan and producer Max McClellan to take a leave of absence after their botched 60 Minutes Benghazi segment. http://mm4a.org/Ilyhpc

On Iran And Munich

Iran AgreementConservatives have rushed to compare the the preliminary nuclear agreement with Iran to the 1938 Munich agreement. Simon Maloy explains how this comparison points to gross misunderstanding of both agreements. http://mm4a.org/187oZTM Related: As experts praise diplomatic efforts, Fox’s John Bolton calls for military strikes on Iran right now: http://mm4a.org/Ipq0Q9

Fact Checking Fox

Fox Cleveland ClinicFox News blamed Obamacare for layoffs at the Cleveland Clinic. Just one problem: there aren’t any layoffs. A spokeswoman for the Clinic explained the real story to Tyler Hansen – and noted that they’ve been trying to get Fox to correct the record. http://mm4a.org/1bPRbeV Related: Economists agree the ACA is already successful in controlling health care costs. So why is the media ignoring that? http://mm4a.org/1a4EKL2


LimbaughFollowing Pope Francis’ remarks denouncing trickle-down economics and vast inequality, Rush Limbaugh lashed out at the pope: http://mm4a.org/It52jt


NRAThe NRA is gearing up for Thanksgiving by asking members to regurgitate their lies at the dinner table. http://mm4a.org/1iTNxra


Fox NewsFox News finally reported on the judicial crisis facing multiple states. But they didn’t mention that Republican obstructionism caused the crisis: http://mm4a.org/1bTcHPZ


Obamacare, Katrina, Iraq
How A Fox Anchor Describes Obamacare



More Problems At CBS

Media Matters for America

CBS finally retracted its flawed 60 Minutes Benghazi report. But as it continues to stonewall calls for an independent inquiry, new concerns being raised about the original report, and another flawed CBS report has emerged.

John Whitehouse Twitter: @existentialfish

More Major Issues

Lara LoganMcClatchy is the latest news outlet to offer a damning critique of the 60 Minutes Benghazi report. McClatchy’s reporting finds fault in Lara Logan‘s report even beyond the statements of CBS’ discredited “eyewitness”: http://mm4a.org/1dqP2co Related: 60 Minutes‘ failure to disclose its financial conflict of interest was not an isolated incident: http://mm4a.org/172ASNu Eric Boehlert examines what questions CBS still must answer –and why they might not want to: http://mm4a.org/HMB6Pi

Another CBS Sourcing Issue

Attkisson, IssaAnother CBS “exclusive” story has quickly fallen apart. CBS reported a project manager was kept in the dark about HealthCare.gov security failures. In reality, a “partial transcript” that excluded the context shows that this was about a part of the site not due to go live until 2014: http://mm4a.org/1aRQWoz Related: Simon Maloy explains how CBS could have quickly fact checked this: http://mm4a.org/1dqTtnw Storied outlets from The New York Times to the Associated Press ran with this flawed story: http://mm4a.org/19kDQJX

What Is Wrong At Fox?

Haiyan destructionFox host Stuart Varney said he got a “big smile” when Australia refused to give aid after an official from the Philippines tearfully asked for nations to give to a climate fund in the wake of Super Typhoon Haiyan: http://mm4a.org/1fBZbEw Related: Fox also lashed out at George Clooney over climate change and Typhoon Haiyan: http://mm4a.org/18mveD3 You can support the American Red Cross Typhoon relief effort here: http://rdcrss.org/1fDOiBS




Jon StewartThe Daily Show and The Colbert Report both criticized CBS’ 60 Minutes for its now discredited Benghazi report. http://mm4a.org/1hCYnUi


LimbaughIn response to a series of ads for health care aimed at young people, Rush Limbaugh claimed his sexist attacks on Sandra Fluke from last year were vindicated. http://mm4a.org/1gKwuby


Megyn KellyMegyn Kelly recently featured a guest who claimed he sold his business because of Obamacare. When Salon’s Eric Stern looked into it, he found the story far more complicated than Kelly let on: http://bit.ly/HVxMC3


Media Matters Billboard Campaign Calls On CNBC To Improve Its Climate Coverage