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how we can win back the House …Mo Elleithee, Democrats.org

We defied some pretty big trends in this past election:

  • For the first time in almost four decades, the winning candidate in Virginia’s governor’s race is from the same party as the president.
  • For the first time in more than twenty years, we elected a Democratic mayor of New York City.
  • In St. Petersburg, Florida we defeated an incumbent Republican mayor, the first time that’s happened in two decades.
  • In Pasco County, Florida, we won a special election for a legislative seat that had been held by Republicans for nearly twenty years.

At one point or another, the cynics and the pundits looked at all of those races, pointed to the history, and said Democrats didn’t have much of a chance. But because supporters like you stepped up, we proved them wrong.

So when people tell you that Democrats can’t take back the 17 seats that we need to win back the House, don’t get mad — get to work and prove them wrong, as well.
Chip in $3 or more and let’s go elect a Democratic House.

If you look at Tuesday’s exit polls from Virginia — a swing state — you see an electorate that looked a lot like the one that showed up to vote for President Obama in 2012. A lot of pundits were saying that would never happen, too.

Load image to see the big news from Election Day.

Recent polling shows Democrats up in 48 congressional races that we need to win 17 of in order to take back the House. If we can do across the country what we did in Virginia — get our Democratic coalition to show up on Election Day — we could be in for a good night next November.

But that won’t happen unless we stand together to put winning plans into action.
Chip in $3 or more to help Democrats seize this moment and invest in talent, tools, and candidates who are going to keep this momentum going:


Mo Elleithee
Communications Director
Democratic National Committee

Support Obama

Obama - Biden
Forward this.
**Guess what? Since this supporter put together this list, our economy has continued to add jobs. To date, we’ve added nearly 5.2 million private sector jobs over 31 consecutive monthsWhat is this?Every day from now until Election Day, we’ll send you something that
makes the case for voting for Barack Obama. Today, it’s a supporter’s
handmade list of why they support our president.

What can I do?

If you like it, we ask that you share it with any friends, family
members, and neighbors you know who are still making up their mind about
who to vote for (and everyone knows some). All you have to do is pass
it on — forward it, share on Facebook, or on Twitter.

Done. What else?

If you spot something that’s especially persuasive or inspiring, or if
you want to share your own graphic, essay, or personal story, send it on
to forwardthis@barackobama.com and we’ll pass the best ones along.

With 12 days to go in this election, and millions of voters still making
up their minds, it’s the job of everyone who supports President Obama
to let everyone else know who they’re voting for this year — and why.

Thanks for your help.

Obama for America


Time is running out. Chip in today, when your donation can make the biggest difference.


Support Maria Cantwell for Senate …

With just 27 days until Election Day, I’ve got big news:

We just launched our first TV ad of the general election, highlighting one of the many ways that Maria has made life better for the people of our state: by working with businesses to create jobs here in Washington, including for our veterans.

Too many veterans serve our country and then find it difficult to secure jobs when they return home. Maria knows that we’ve got to change that.

Click here to see our new ad, “Great People,” and see what Maria is doing to boost job creation and get veterans working again in Washington.

Maria was a cosponsor of the VOW to Hire Heroes Act, a law that’s helping veterans find jobs here in Washington and around the country.

This law:

  • Offers tax incentives to businesses that hire unemployed veterans;
  • Created a retraining program to help veterans transition to new jobs back at home; and
  • Provides new pathways to make the jump back into civilian life a little easier.

While we still have more work to do to create jobs for veterans and non-veterans alike, this is a program that we can all be proud of.

Filmed in Tacoma at J.M. Martinac Shipbuilding, our new ad shows why Maria is the right choice for Washington — watch it and then share it with everyone you know.

In 27 days, we have a chance to send a champion of Washington back to the Senate. We know that Maria will fight for us day-in and day-out to increase employment opportunities and bring back jobs to Washington.

But we still need to get the word out in these final weeks of the campaign — please watch our new ad, then forward this email to your friends so that they can watch it, too!

Thank you,

Robin Brand Campaign Manager Friends of Maria

11 million eligible Latinos are expected NOT to register to vote

CuentameBrave New Films
Creating Media That Makes An Impact

In this next election, 11 million eligible Latinos are expected NOT to register to vote. This is a staggering number considering the struggles our communities have endured over the years in attaining and protecting this valuable right. Today we can change this. Today we can make a powerful impact. Today is National Voter Registration Day.
You can begin by watching this powerful animated video on how voting has defined eras and generations. How will YOU define your era?
As we join hundreds of organizations and tens of thousands of voters and volunteers around the country – who will be registering individuals in all 50 states before Election Day – we start with our most important supporter: YOU. Have you registered to vote?

You can click here to check your registration or register if you haven’t done so!
Now it’s time for you to spread the word. If each one of us recruits a friend or family member, we can begin changing the course.
Please share the video with friends and family and let them know about National Voter Registration Day.

Together we can make an impact.

Yours, Axel Caballero and the Cuéntame team.

PS – What do Snooki, Ninjas and Smartphones have to do with voting. Watch this video to find out!

Official Google blog … Cast your ballot

Making it easier to cast your ballot

The first presidential nominating convention, held in 1832, was meant to give Americans a voice in the selection of the presidential nominee. Fast forward to 2012 and these conventions still represent a major moment in American politics—and we’re helping the conventions reach a larger audience by being the official live stream provider and social networking platform for the Republican National Convention in Tampa and the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte.
In conjunction with our on-the-ground efforts, we’re making a number of online tools available to help you get organized and informed as Election Day approaches.
Get informed Our Google Politics & Elections site enables you to see the latest Google News, YouTube videos, search and video trends, and Google+ content about the election in one place. You can also visit our live Elections Hub to watch the national political conventions, debates and even election night LIVE right from your mobile phone or laptop.
Register to vote To make it easy to navigate the rules and deadlines about registering to vote and how to vote by mail, we put together an online voter guide.  We’ve also added a special section to make it easier for military and overseas voters to find information about their different rules and deadlines.
As we approach the final days of the election, we’ll continue to develop useful ways for voters and campaigns to engage one another around the important issues in 2012.
We hope these tools will help you stay informed and participate in the election!
 Posted by Eric Hysen, Google Politics & Elections Team