Alejandra and David – Facing Foreclosure


From Occupy Homes MN:
“Sign this petition from Alejandra to help her family save her home:…
Join the national day of action as Alejandra and David caravan to PNC’s national headquarters in Pittsburgh to deliver their loan modification documents and demand a meeting with CEO Jim Rohr…

Please ask PNC Bank to negotiate and keep our family in our home.

My family and I have lived in our South Minneapolis home for the past 7 years, but now, because of a bank error, we fell into foreclosure and were evicted from our home, despite being willing and able to pay a mortgage.

Our family fell into foreclosure when PNC Bank failed to withdraw an online mortgage payment submitted by my father. Unable to pay more than the current month’s payment, we couldn’t afford the two months’ payment the bank demanded as punishment.

After our home fell into foreclosure, we began working with a local nonprofit that was supposed to be working out a loan modification. Despite this, in February, without warning, an agent of the bank came to our house and told us we had 48 hours to leave the property, terrifying our family and ignoring our right to a legal eviction process.

We want to keep our home and want the bank to negotiate a reasonable settlement for our mortgage based on the actual value of the property. Together with Occupy Homes MN we will defend our home from foreclosure and force the bank to do what is right. Until now, many families in the Latino community have been afraid to stand up when they are being mistreated by the banks that fraudulently foreclose on families across the country. The banks have used this fear and manipulation of a complicated legal system to profit from honest, hardworking people.

Because of the support from Occupy Homes MN, community members, and our neighbors and friends, PNC Bank executives committed to looking into our case “to help and rectify the situation.” Despite this, PNC Bank has not yet worked with us to find a solution, but instead has worked with Freddie Mac to push five eviction attempts and twenty-three arrests at our home.

On June 19th, my brother and I are going to PNC Bank’s Pittsburgh headquarters with our modification documents to meet with CEO Jim Rohr and ask him to renegotiate our family’s mortgage. We will not remain silent because we know that if more people are inspired by our example and stand up for their rights the banks will be forced to do what is right for all homeowners. Please sign this petition to support my family in our fight to keep our home!