Consumer Reports

Pigs on drugs

Consumer Reports tested pork and found widespread bacteria contamination in most of the samples, much of it antibiotic-resistant. These drugs are widely used in large-scale pork production facilities to promote growth and prevent disease in crowded conditions.

Let’s save our antibiotics for when we need them. Chris Meyer, Vice PresidentJoin us in asking grocer Trader Joe’s to get pigs – and other food animals – off drugs! Send our fun holiday card to Trader Joes now!

Chris Meyer, Consumer Reports


Consumer Reports
Most pork samples we tested were contaminated with bacteria resistant to at least one antibiotic. To avoid illness, wash hands after handling pork, keep the raw meat away from other food you plan to serve, and use a meat thermometer to be sure your ground pork reaches 160 degrees (145 for whole pork.) Read our test results here!

Not this time, Big Oil!
After years of delay the courts ordered tougher air pollution standards by Dec. 14, but Big Oil is lobbying hard to overturn the order. Tell the White House to put Americans’ health first and set standards for refinery and powerplant soot!

More red tape? No thanks!
Congress created independent regulatory agencies to protect consumers from marketplace schemes and unsafe products. But now some lawmakers want to handcuff them by adding another layer of bureaucracy — something corporations would enjoy. Learn more.