Take Action 2013


With the encouragement and support of friends like you I founded the Black Institute, a think tank that takes action, purposed to shape intellectual discourse and dialogue and impact public policy uniquely from a black perspective in the US and throughout the Diaspora.
I am pleased to share that 2012 has proven to be just that – a year of action, filled with exciting campaigns and movements that have brought about change in our communities and cities, and have put our brothers and sisters at the forefront of issues such as immigration, worker rights, consumer rights, and voter suppression.
The contributions that we received from you and other generous supporters have made an incredible difference in our efforts to:

  • Create and implement our first research, data, and training projects
  • Assist in leading the Walmart Free NYC Coalition in its victory to keep Walmart out of East New York
  • Stand in solidarity with local unions, elected officials, and community groups to demand fair labor practices for Cablevision workers and fair consumer practices for Verizon and Cablevision consumers
  • Elevate the profile of Black immigrants by organizing recruited Caribbean professionals and their aged-out children, launching a campaign for these Caribbean Dreamers, and publishing a report on this topic
  • Organize a clergy social justice network that has been instrumental in the support and advocacy of low wage workers and the movement for low wage workers rights that is now taking this country by storm
  • Start our Adopt A Dreamer Sponsorship Program

Though we have accomplished much in 2012 there is still much more to do. The generous gift that you give today will make it possible for us to continue our work to shed light on the various issues that plague our Black communities, and to help empower our men, women and children to speak out against maltreatment, injustice, ineffective government, poor public policy, and inadequate and inefficient social service programs.
Please make a tax deductible donation or become a monthly Sustainer TODAY. https://theblackinstitute.nationbuilder.com/make_a_donation