We Stand with Texas Women

WPThisIsPersonallogoThe situation in Texas is dire — women are being forced to travel hundreds of miles to seek care, some are crossing into Mexico, and recent reports describe women harming themselves in attempts to self-abort.

It’s been almost a year since thousands of women rallied to stop one of the most sweeping packages of abortion restrictions in the country. Despite their efforts, the legislation passed, causing clinics across the state to close and providers to stop performing abortions. By the time all the provisions take effect, it is estimated that more than two-thirds of Texas clinics will have been forced to stop performing abortions or close their doors completely.

Now more than ever, we need passionate advocates who will continue to fight for women in Texas and across the country. One of these women is Candice Russell, winner of the Generation Personal Community Choice Award. She and countless others, like local groups Nuestro Texas and the Lilith Fund, are working hard to ensure that women in Texas are able to get the care they need, despite the hurdles and barriers politicians erected.

Tell Your Friends — The fight in Texas is far from over. It’s time to take a stand for women in the states.

Texas is just one state where new abortion restrictions have put women at risk. Across the country in places like Louisiana, South Carolina, Alabama and others, legislatures are considering and passing laws that could have similar outcomes for women. In addition to closing clinics and imposing other barriers to care, many are working to ban abortion altogether.

Visit State Your Action to see if your home state needs help and tell your friends to act now.

Our community was moved by Candice’s testimony to the state legislature, her work with the NARAL Texas Next Generation Board, and by her desire to get involved. Now is your chance to show that you’re committed to the fight for women’s health in Texas, and in states across the country. As Candice said, “We might have lost the battle, but the war is far from over and we can only win if we are all fighting together.”

Visit State Your Action and spread the word — we’re not going anywhere. The fight is not over.

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Thao Nguyen
Campaign Director
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