Washington State House: Ban Microbeads In Washington

 https://shar.es/1vkYrj via @visually #Visually #infographic

     In most of your house hold products, there is a certain ingredient that could potentially destroy marine wildlife. That ingredient is called polyethylene, a type of plastic. This plastic isn’t biodegradable, and found in a lot of products such as soaps, acne washes, body washes, etc. When you wash them down your drains, that’s where it gets tricky.

These tiny microbeads go down into waterways, where marine wildlife lives. These beads are small enough for the fish to eat, causing harm, and even declining of the species. Not only do the fish eat these beads, but we do when we eat the fish. These tiny microbeads are getting into our food chain. We are eating plastic!

We can’t clean these tiny plastic beads up from our waterways without scooping up healthy plankton and other bacteria that the fish and other marine wildlife need to live and thrive off of.

There is no way to stop this, other than to stop the use of products that have micro beads in them. We won’t be the only ones to take action. Illinois has already banned this product, and New York is taking action as well.

Help The Bead Ban Project keep our marine wildlife safe, and ourselves from harmful plastic beads. Ban microbeads from Washington.