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Petitioning Mayor Jim Kenney & Philadelphia City Council

Remove Philadelphia Public Money From Wells Fargo

Petition by Larry Swetman
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Wells Fargo has proven itself over and over to be in the business of criminally short term profit for their boardroom and shareholders instead of the long term health of our communities. They stole $330 million from our school district which caused 27 school to close, have been indicted by the Federal government for racist predatory lending in African-American communities, repossessed vehicles from veterans, fund private prison companies that sell the freedom of our children to the justice system for profit, and still reward their executives with $100 million dollar golden parachutes instead of making our victimized communities whole.

We, the citizens of Philadelphia, have had enough of this corporate giant criminally sucking the life out of our communities for their own profit and we demand that Mayor Jim Kenney and the Philadelphia City Council take the city’s money out of Wells Fargo.

They have broken the law over and over again and it’s their turn to pay.