trump said: He would “present the facts plainly and honestly.” i missed that part

9 Lies In Donald Trump’s Big Speech To The Republican Convention
At the beginning of his big RNC-closing speech, Trump called for “a straightforward assessment of the state of our nation,” and said he would “present the facts plainly and honestly.” He didn’t follow through on that promise…(read more)

Continuing Momentum on Global Climate Action

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Even as the results of last month’s election were coming in, world leaders were gathered in Marrakech to take the next steps on strong climate action under the United Nation’s Paris Agreement. One of the aims of the international climate summit was to agree on a process and timeline for implementing the Agreement, which aims to limit global temperature increases and strengthen the ability for countries to respond to the impacts of climate change. Countries agreed to complete this process by 2018, but much hard work remains over the next two years to get the Paris plan over the finish line. And while the United States has been a leader on tackling climate change under the Obama administration, the outcome of last month’s elections has raised serious doubts about continued US commitment to the international efforts. READ MORE

BREAKING: “Orangutan capital” being actively bulldozed.

This footage of rainforest destruction was recorded just a few weeks ago. As you read this email, the “orangutan capital of the word” is being bulldozed by a Conflict Palm Oil Culprit. Your urgent support is needed to assist our campaign in immediately shutting down this devastating destruction

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This is breaking information has been revealed thanks to a field investigation conducted by Rainforest Action Network. We have discovered proof that the area known as the Tripa peatland in the Leuser Ecosystem is being systematically destroyed for cheap Conflict Palm Oil.

Urgent intervention is needed now. Please donate today!

The video above is actual footage of Conflict Palm Oil excavators tearing down key orangutan habitat. Our investigation found that palm oil fruit produced by PT. Dua Perkasa Lestari, a controversial company that has been driving the destruction and burning of Tripa for years, was sold to a nearby mill that has supplied to palm oil giants Wilmar and Golden-Agri Resources (GAR).

Donate now to stop the bulldozing of the “orangutan capital of the world.”

We have already placed into motion a swift action plan targeting these key influential palm oil traders — the CEOs of both Wilmar and GAR — as well as encouraging the government of Indonesia to intervene. Our Palm Oil Action Team is in full swing, but this urgent crisis calls for extra measures — we need need to secure further research, campaign, and coordination funding to snuff out this crisis as soon as possible. We cannot let this critical habitat and carbon storage area be drained, bulldozed, and forever lost due to Conflict Palm Oil. Please make whatever possible tax-deductible donation today to secure the future of the Tripa peatland.

Long Live the Leuser,


Chelsea MatthewsChelsea Matthews
Forest Campaigner
Rainforest Action Network

Aleppo: Stop the Massacre

Militias have reportedly begun going house to house murdering trapped civilians in Aleppo. Russia and Iran can stop the massacre, IF they hear from EVERY world government. Avaaz is everywhere – let’s get every one of our governments to ring Russia and Iran’s phones off the hook, before it’s too late:



Dear friends,

The massacre of Aleppo may have begun.

Militias have reportedly gone house to house, executing civilians, women, and children, and an evacuation convoy was just attacked. Tens of thousands of civilians are left, crying out for help.

Our governments have all failed to stop this war. Let’s demand that they unite to insist that Russia, Iran, and Syria allow the UN and the Red Cross to evacuate remaining civilians safely from Aleppo. If these 3 governments hear urgently not just from the US and Western Europe, but from governments around the world, it CAN affect their thinking:

Every moment takes a life – let’s stop the massacre of Aleppo

Russia and Iran are used to ignoring appeals from the US and Western Europe. But Avaaz is a truly global movement. If the appeals this time come from EVERY trading partner, ally, and friend of these countries — from Brazil and South Africa and India and Poland and more, it WILL affect their calculations.

Time is running out for the civilians of Aleppo. Let’s pressure all our governments to ring Russia and Iran’s phones off the hook. We’ve failed the people of Syria too long, let’s not fail the remaining citizens of Aleppo:

Every moment takes a life – let’s stop the massacre of Aleppo

Avaaz has stood with the people of Syria through dozens and dozens of campaigns. This is their darkest hour. Let’s not abandon them now.

With hope,

The Avaaz team

PS – the situation on the ground is changing quickly. Here are reports about the clear signs that the evacuation is at risk and a massacre has begun:

The Mirror – Aleppo crisis: Convoy of buses attempting to evacuate desperate women and children turns around after being attacked

Al Jazeera – 82 Civilians executed on Monday

BBC – Aleppo battle: UN says civilians shot on the spot

HRW – Syria: Desperate Pleas for Protection from Aleppo

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