The New War On Moms

War is no longer the largest taker of young American lives.

Guns are.

And it’s not because we haven’t been at war constantly for the last several decades (sadly, we have).

Even with this reality, there have been more gun-related deaths since 1968 than all cumulative war deaths since the American Revolution.1

And that’s one of the reasons we made Making a Killing: Guns, Greed, & the NRA.


As we go into Mother’s Day weekend – a holiday that was originally founded for mourning women to remember fallen soldiers and work forpeace – we ask you to share this video and arrange a free screening of Making a Killing at your local school, church, or organizational meeting.2  

None of us should have to live in a country where sending our loved ones to church, a movie, or school is as dangerous as sending them to war. Our daily lives should not be battlefields.

Together, we can fight this war-for-profit that is happening on our very own soil. But only if more people learn about who is to blame, the role of profit and greed – and what can be done to make real change in our lifetime.

As a father and grandfather, I have a lot of great moms in my life. Do this for them – and all of the great moms in your life.


Thanks for your action,

Robert Greenwald, President
Brave New Films

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