What are republicans hiding from us? brett kavanaugh docs

Senators should review all of Kavanaugh’s records before a hearing is scheduled. Take action now!  

Dear Friends

What are they hiding?

There are over one million pages of documents from Brett Kavanaugh’s work in the White House that have yet to be released to the Senate. Over one million critical pieces of his record that could shed light on how he might rule if he gets a lifetime seat on the Supreme Court. Given everything at stake in this fight and the fact that anti-abortion and anti-ACA organizations placed Kavanaugh on a short list of possible nominees for Trump, it’s especially important that we see what else may be lurking in these White House documents. But the Trump-Pence Administration and its allies in the Senate are trying to keep those records hidden. Our generation and generations to come will be affected by this nomination. We need our Senators to get those documents so they can make fully informed decisions that serve all of our best interests.

Sign the Petition: Senate Must Have All of Kavanaugh’s Records Before Holding Hearings
Senators should review all the records before a hearing is scheduled.

Take Action

What we already know about Kavanaugh is disturbing enough:

  • He passed Trump and Pence’s litmus test as a justice who would gut and overturn Roe v. Wade and undermine the Affordable Care Act;
  • He voted to allow religious beliefs to override employee’s right to have insurance coverage of birth control;
  • He believes the president doesn’t have to follow any law that he believes is unconstitutional — even if no court has ruled so.

Based on this information alone, it’s clear Kavanaugh was strategically selected to serve Trump and Pence’s anti-woman, anti-abortion, anti-healthcare, and anti-worker agenda on the Supreme Court for an entire lifetime. We cannot let this happen.

Every member of the Senate — starting with the Senate Judiciary Committee — should be able to review all of Kavanaugh’s documents, emails, and paperwork before the confirmation process continues. Tell your Senators they should not hold any hearings until they have all of Kavanaugh’s records.

Anna Chu
Vice President of Policy & Strategy
National Women’s Law Center

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