Rep McMorris Rodgers …

Rep. McMorris Rodgers (WA 05)

… voted yes to repeal ACA. According to the CEC, Democratic Staff Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, Democratic Staff
Impact of ACA Repeal on the 5th Congressional District of Washington Rep. McMorris Rodgers’s (R) district (voted Yes) and here’s what’s at risk:
1. The district’s uninsured rate has dropped from 12.9% to 5.4%. – could be reversed if the ACA is entirely or partially repealed.
2. 319,200 individuals who now have health insurance that covers preventive services without any co-pays, coinsurance, or deductibles stand to lose this access.
3. 337,100 with employer-sponsored health insurance are at risk of losing important consumer protections.
4. 14,500 who have purchased high quality Marketplace coverage now stand to lose their coverage.
5. 10,100 who received financial assistance to purchase Marketplace coverage in 2016 are now at risk of coverage becoming unaffordable.
6. 6,100 who are receiving cost-sharing reductions to lower out-of-pocket costs, are now at risk of health care becoming unaffordable.
7. 76,300 individuals in the district who are covered by the ACA’s Medicaid expansion now stand to lose coverage if the Republican Congress eliminates the Medicaid expansion
This bill does not serve District 5 at all, and she needs to know it.

Resource: Indivisible Palouse facebook page from May 8 2017