What happened in the states ~ Patrick Rodenbush, NDRC

National Democratic Redistricting Committee

The House of Representatives may have gotten the big headlines this week, but what happened in state legislatures across the country could be even more significant. Here’s the rundown on what happened in our 2018 Electoral Target and Watch List states:

• Democrats flipped six legislative chambers: Colorado Senate, Maine Senate, Minnesota House, New Hampshire House and Senate, and New York Senate
• Democrats broke supermajorities in four chambers: North Carolina House and Senate, Michigan Senate, and Pennsylvania Senate
• Democrats made additional gains in seven legislative chambers: Ohio House and Senate, Michigan House, Texas House and Senate, and Pennsylvania House and Senate

“The 2018 Election Was a Body Blow to Partisan Gerrymandering”
— Slate

Many of these victories were a direct result of the nearly 175,000 contributions this community made to invest in restoring our democracy.

But this is just the beginning of our fight. Will you help us keep pushing to flip state legislative seats and end Republican gerrymandering?

Democrats have already flipped more than 350 state legislative seats across the country. This is HUGE: The more seats we control, the likelier we are to get fair maps during 2021 redistricting. This is all the more impressive when you consider that Democrats were elected on maps that are severely gerrymandered to favor Republican candidates.

All told, Tuesday will go down in the history books as the day Democrats started turning around Republicans’ decade of disgraceful gerrymandering.

But we still have a long way to go — Republicans are still in charge of redistricting in more than 40% of congressional districts. There will be special elections, a big election in Virginia in 2019, and more seats to flip in 2020.

— Patrick democraticredistricting.com