Demand a Democracy that Works for Everyone

Voter suppression was rampant throughout the midterm elections. Millions of voters were purged from rolls, polling places were shut down, and discriminatory gerrymandering diluted the power of people’s voices.

Despite efforts to silence Americans, voters delivered a mandate – and an opportunity – to move our democracy forward. It’s time for Congress to listen.

Right now, the House of Representatives is putting together a package – called H.R. 1 – to make it happen. H.R. 1 is a comprehensive package of reforms that includes protections against voter suppression, independent redistricting commissions, automatic voter registration and political spending restrictions.
But it’s up to us to push the House leadership to make H.R. 1 as strong as it can be – especially as special interest groups and others who prefer the status quo try to weaken it.

We need a democracy where voters are protected from discrimination and can make themselves heard at the ballot box. A democracy where electoral districts are drawn fairly, so that every voter’s ballot is worth the same. A democracy that isn’t bought and paid for by the highest corporate bidder. And a democracy where ordinary Americans – more women, people of color, and working people – can run for office without relying on special interest Big Money.

Just imagine what a Congress that took our democracy seriously could accomplish

Amy Korngiebel
Director of Distribution
Brave New Films