new rule … cut access to abortion by making insurance providers jump through hoops ~a repost

This is urgent:

The Trump-Pence administration has released a new proposed rule designed to cut people off from abortion care by targeting insurance providers.

What does that mean? It means insurance companies would be forced to jump through ridiculous hoops in order to cover abortion care. It means over a million people, who received coverage under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), would be affected by this new rule and could lose access to abortion care.

Let’s call this what it is: Another blatant attempt to undermine the ACA, stigmatize basic reproductive health care, and block patients from assessing abortion. And it’s part of the Trump-Pence administration’s broader attempt to eliminate access to abortion care altogether.

Please make a comment: 

Your comments are absolutely essential to stopping this rule because HHS has to read every. single. one. Our hundreds of thousands of comments made it difficult for the administration to quickly move forward with a final Trump-Pence gag rule — and that’s what we need to do again now.

All of us deserve health care coverage that meets our needs — regardless of gender, sexual orientation, or decisions about whether or when to have children. That’s why I’m offended by this governmental overreach into whether or not health insurance companies can cover abortion care for their consumers.

This rule goes beyond limiting patients’ access to abortion care. It’s an attempt to single out abortion care and stigmatize people who have abortions — despite the fact that one in four women in America will have an abortion at some point in her life.

Let me make this perfectly clear: Abortion care is health care. Reproductive health care is health care. And any attack on our health care is an attack on all of us.

Friends , a lot of the attacks we’ve seen on health care have been unjust. (The multiple attempts to repeal the Affordable Care Act and block Medicaid patients from getting care at Planned Parenthood come to mind.)

But many of the attacks on access to reproductive health care have come in the form of rule changes within the Trump administration. They’re subtler — but no less offensive or dangerous for patients

Countless people are relying on us — so thank you so much for making your voice heard.


Dr. Leana Wen, President
Planned Parenthood Federation of America