Amazon, Google and Facebook tell Congress “just trust us!”

When industry giants offer to write their own regulatory rules, we all lose. Just look at any industry, from manufacturing to fossil fuel extraction.

The same thing should go for Silicon Valley. But tech giants like Amazon, Facebook, and Google want to regulate themselves, and they’ve pitched Congress on a “grand bargain”1 that will destroy existing protections and leave us with much weaker rules. Tell Congress Not to listen: Don’t allow tech companies to regulate themselves when it comes to our privacy.

Amazon, Facebook, and Google have teamed up to push Congress to write their own rules when it comes to privacy law. In the process, they’ll step over any state-level legislation designed to protect to consumers’ data online — like California’s new, groundbreaking privacy law.2

Silicon Valley isn’t shy about this: they clearly value “innovation” over people’s privacy. In the past, Facebook and Google have been sued multiple times for violating existing privacy regulations.3 If tech companies are allowed to write their own industry regulations, there will be nothing to hold them accountable when – not if – they invade our privacy.

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Tihi and the team at Demand Progress

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