Shame on Google for restricting workers’ right to organize!

Shame on Google for working to roll back workers’ rights!
Turns out that working for Google isn’t all foosball tables and espresso machines.

Recently Google is working behind the scenes to restrict workers’ rights to organize their workplace,1 including circulating petitions, planning walkouts, and even talking about forming a union. Tell Google “Shame on you” for restricting workers’ rights.

Google management has been more than a little concerned about their employees because year after year they’re getting more vocal about calling out the company on their wrongdoing.
From protesting Google’s Project Maven contract with the DoD, to an organized walkout over sexual harassment scandals, Google’s employees are using grassroots pressure and labor solidarity to make a difference.2 And Google is big mad about it!

That’s why Google is quietly working to overturn Obama-era workplace protections that allow workers to use email to organize amongst themselves. And they aren’t just talking about Google’s workers, but ALL workers who have a work email account.
Tell Google “Shame on you” for trying to limits workers’ rights.

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