Pro-Trumpers Vs. Ex-Trumpers Gets HEATED

Why any Person of Colour would vote for trump is a question many more people are starting to ask and quite frankly it’s about time.   The research, if anyone cares to, would prove that while he is definitely unqualified, to begin with, he has a history of inappropriate comments about people of colour and those he associated with were already affluent African Americans, not regular folks.  I would also suggest people do their research on how he and his family treated poor and or regular African Americans back in the day; view some video of his very inappropriate comments as someone thinking they could be potus which led up to his birther comments  thus becoming the father of birtherism! It was a moment when a seemingly desperate man was reaching out to those who felt left out.  It would behove our current Congress to recognize #trumpInc should not be in the White House …

We are Not an Autocratic Nation and we shouldn’t go down that rabbit hole.

~ Nativegrl77