2019 ~ In the Newsroom with Gov. Inslee ~ 2019


09/26/2019 – Inslee highlights need for climate change collaboration with regional, national and international leaders in New York
09/24/2019 – Inslee helps rally other world leaders in call to protect oceans from rising carbon
09/20/2019 – Engineered wood product industry helps lower carbon emissions and create jobs
09/19/2019 – Inslee joins AG Ferguson and Superintendent Reykdal in support of undocumented students
09/18/2019 – Inslee and AG Ferguson statement on Trump administration attacking states ability to regulate vehicle emissions
09/17/2019 – Inslee response to Global Climate Strike walkout
09/13/2019 – How state agencies improved the digital experience to serve Washingtonians better
09/12/2019 – Inslee joins leaders in calling for refugee resettlement
09/11/2019 – State leaders launch new behavioral health facility construction program with $69 million in grants and funding to local communities
08/29/2019 – Inslee response to legislative lawsuit regarding veto in transportation budget
08/28/2019 – Govs. Inslee, Whitmer lead coalition of 17 governors opposing federal proposal to kick families off food assistance
08/23/2019 – Inslee names J. Manny Santiago executive director of new state LGBTQ Commission
08/23/2019 – Program elevates patients’ health by encouraging any contact with the outdoors
08/22/2019 – Op-Ed: The United States needs career-connected learning to help high school graduates get jobs
08/22/2019 – Trump administration forces Washington state out of Title X program
08/20/2019 – Inslee appoints David J. Whedbee to King County Superior Court
08/16/2019 – Food assistance programs across state expand healthy food options for low-income families
08/13/2019 – Op-ed: State-led climate goals — like Washington’s — will lead the way
08/12/2019 – Inslee statement on Trump administration’s “public charge” rule that targets and punishes immigrant families
08/09/2019 – Inslee and Ferguson blast EPA assault on states’ clean water authority
08/09/2019 – Inslee appoints Brian M. McDonald to King County Superior Court
08/08/2019 – A student story of pursuing education in Washington as an immigrant
07/31/2019 – Inslee statement congratulating Speaker-elect Rep. Laurie Jinkins
07/30/2019 – Inslee, Ferguson and Wiesman notify feds that state will preserve access to reproductive care despite Title X gag rule
07/30/2019 – Washington takes next step to acknowledge more than two genders on ID cards
07/29/2019 – Inslee announces that Serve Washington received $17.8 million in AmeriCorps funding
07/26/2019 – Washington state launches plan to eliminate hepatitis C virus
07/24/2019 – Inslee statement regarding effort to overturn I-1000
07/18/2019 – Statewide efforts underway to restore fish passageways for salmon recovery
07/17/2019 – Salmon and recovery efforts grow through natural shoreline restoration, land-based whale watching
07/14/2019 – Statement from Inslee regarding attempted attack on detention facility in Tacoma
07/03/2019 – Inslee appoints Sabrina Ahrens to Pierce County Superior Court
07/02/2019 – Inslee statement on decision to drop citizenship question from census
07/02/2019 – Inslee discusses how to help more students find a pathway to well-paying, high-demand careers
06/27/2019 – New path at Peace Arch links Canada and U.S. at border crossing
06/27/2019 – Inslee statement on Supreme Court census ruling
06/26/2019 – Inslee announces $5.8 million in grants for local communities to improve lives of families facing poverty
06/21/2019 – Inslee and Health Secretary Wiesman commit to protecting access to reproductive care following Title X decision
06/21/2019 – Inslee letter to Trump Administration regarding poverty changes
06/20/2019 – Inslee and Ferguson statements on Title X ruling
06/19/2019 – Inslee, health care leaders, patients kick off nation’s first public option health care effort
06/19/2019 – Inslee, Ferguson statement on final EPA rollback of Clean Power Plan
06/18/2019 – Inslee statement on Trans Mountain Pipeline expansion
06/18/2019 – Inslee honors 20 state government managers for outstanding performance
06/17/2019 – Washington’s first electric school bus rolls through Tacoma
06/07/2019 – Inslee statement on EPA guidance that restricts states’ ability to protect clean water
06/06/2019 – Turning education into jobs for formerly incarcerated people
06/05/2019 – Tiny homes community offers stable housing, human services to residents
06/05/2019 – Inslee statement on Labor & Industries overtime proposal
06/05/2019 – Inslee and Ferguson statement on Trump Administration actions to undercut nuclear cleanup at Hanford
05/31/2019 – Govs. Inslee, Brown and Newsom letter on abortion bans to fellow governors
05/30/2019 – Inslee visits San Juan and Skagit counties to discuss broadband
05/24/2019 – Statements from Inslee and Kreidler on Trump administration action to overturn critical health protections for transgender patients
05/22/2019 – Inslee letter opposing Trump Administration overtime rules
05/22/2019 – Inslee directs state agencies to immediately ramp up culvert repairs ignored by legislators
05/21/2019 – Inslee signs package of education bills, ushers in one of the most progressive education investments nationwide
05/21/2019 – Inslee signs budgets that give big boosts to behavioral health, education, orcas, homelessness and clean energy
05/20/2019 – Inslee expands drought emergency for nearly half of the state
05/16/2019 – First lady cheers on student athletes who are blind and visually impaired
05/14/2019 – U.S. News and World Report: Why Washington is the Best State in America
05/13/2019 – Washington state to launch first-in-the-nation health care option for all and new long-term care program
05/13/2019 – Executive order helps military spouses and veterans find jobs, training
05/10/2019 – Inslee and Ferguson oppose EPA decision that dismantles Washington’s clean water standards
05/09/2019 – Behavioral health transformation begins with significant investments
05/08/2019 – Inslee signs bill package to protect, aid, grow orca and salmon population in Salish Sea
05/08/2019 – Inslee announces opposition to two gas projects in Washington
05/07/2019 – Washington powers a new path toward clean energy future
05/01/2019 – Inslee names Laura Blackmore new executive director of the Puget Sound Partnership
05/01/2019 – Inslee letter in support of the Climate Action Now Act
04/29/2019 – 2019 legislative session wraps up with big wins in climate, health care and education
04/29/2019 – Global spotlight shines on state’s work to lead, accelerate maritime innovation
04/27/2019 – Inslee statement on South Lake Union accident
04/25/2019 – UPDATED: Statements from Inslee and AG Ferguson regarding judge’s national injunction ruling on Trump’s Title X ‘gag rule’
04/25/2019 – Inslee appoints Ketu Shah to King County Superior Court
04/23/2019 – Inslee appoints Jennifer Snider to Clark County Superior Court
04/22/2019 – Inslee statement on passage of his 100 Percent Clean Energy bill
04/22/2019 – Inslee statement regarding Rep. Shea’s harmful rhetoric
04/17/2019 – Inslee signs bill that protects ACA health care insurance practices
04/12/2019 – Home and services partnership gives homeless youth a firm foundation to succeed
04/10/2019 – Agency urges drivers to slow down, pay attention in work zones
04/10/2019 – Inslee and Ferguson denounce Trump assault on the Clean Water Act
04/10/2019 – Inslee appoints Charnelle M. Bjelkengren to Spokane County Superior Court
04/05/2019 – Inslee signs new law that raises legal age to purchase tobacco and vaping products
04/04/2019 – Inslee declares drought emergency for Okanogan, Methow and Upper Yakima
04/02/2019 – WA receives federal grant funds to address opioid addiction, homelessness and paths to re-employment in five counties
04/01/2019 – Community leaders kick off year-long census 2020 efforts
04/01/2019 – Inslee opposes Trump’s latest assault on food assistance
03/28/2019 – Inslee statement on WTO Boeing tax case ruling
03/28/2019 – Inslee appoints David A. Steiner to King County Superior Court
03/27/2019 – Inslee names Charlie Clark director of Department of Financial Institutions
03/26/2019 – Database shows buildings that could pose safety risk during earthquakes
03/26/2019 – Inslee statement on Trump’s effort to invalidate the Affordable Care Act
03/25/2019 – Inslee statement on House Democratic budget proposal
03/20/2019 – Inslee appoints Josephine Wiggs-Martin to King County Superior Court
03/19/2019 – Inslee and Ferguson statement on possible diversion of state military projects to pay for border wall
03/18/2019 – Inslee appoints Brian C. Huber to Douglas County Superior Court
03/14/2019 – Announcement of largest solar project in Washington
03/13/2019 – State gains new protections through public land act
03/12/2019 – Washington Service Corps volunteers answer calls to serve across the state
03/06/2019 – Panel discusses climate change impacts to national security
03/06/2019 – Panel discusses how climate change impacts national security
03/06/2019 – Education, more resources key factors in suicide prevention
03/01/2019 – STEM students from around the state showcase climate change projects
02/28/2019 – Inslee appoints Patricia Fassett to Cowlitz County Superior Court
02/26/2019 – Arts and culture community in Edmonds beams brighter after earning new state certification
02/25/2019 – Inslee travels to D.C. to discuss education, climate change and clean energy
02/22/2019 – Inslee statement on Trans Mountain pipeline recommendation
02/22/2019 – Inslee statement on Trump’s Title X decision
02/20/2019 – Inslee responds to loss of dairy cows in Yakima County with emergency funding
02/15/2019 – Inslee names Anne Cruser to Washington State Court of Appeals, Division II
02/15/2019 – Panel recommends home visits, community trust efforts to reduce infant mortality
02/14/2019 – UPDATE (2/20): Inslee expands state of emergency to extend propane delivery exemptions
02/14/2019 – Inslee statement on President Trump’s emergency declaration
02/14/2019 – Inslee appoints Lee Grochmal to Whatcom County Superior Court
02/08/2019 – Washington and B.C. united on climate action, building sustainable future, increased connectivity
02/05/2019 – Inslee response to the State of the Union address
02/04/2019 – Two divided sides come together for historic change to state’s deadly force law
01/30/2019 – Inslee appoints Aimee Sutton to King County Superior Court
01/29/2019 – To help salmon migrate, Ecology issues proposal allowing more water to spill over dams
01/29/2019 – Inslee announces appointment of Lisa Brown as director of Washington State Department of Commerce
01/25/2019 – Inslee statement on end of Trump shutdown
01/25/2019 – Inslee declares local public health emergency after identifying outbreak of measles
01/24/2019 – State will expand unemployment benefits to federal employees
01/23/2019 – New bills to save orcas support Inslee’s proposed investments
01/18/2019 – Govs. Inslee, Cuomo and Whitmer demand answers, action for unpaid federal workers
01/17/2019 – Inslee announces appointment to University of Washington Board of Regents
01/16/2019 – Inslee proposes broadband access for all
01/15/2019 – Inslee’s State of the State: Washington’s Unwritten Chapter
01/11/2019 – Inslee details plan to create a statewide free college program for Washington students
01/11/2019 – Inslee budget would link 100,000 students with career-connected learning opportunities by 2027
01/11/2019 – Washington state’s unemployment safety net will help furloughed federal employees
01/11/2019 – Inslee on Trump shutdown: This record-long shutdown has to end
01/10/2019 – Inslee appoints Michael K. Ryan to King County Superior Court
01/08/2019 – State opposes move to downplay dangers of Hanford tank waste
01/08/2019 – Inslee appoints Lauren Erickson to Clallam County Superior Court
01/08/2019 – Inslee announces public option legislation to promote health care for all
01/08/2019 – Maritime Blue: Washington’s strategy for a “Blue Economy”
01/04/2019 – North Dakota, Washington governors make friendly wager over FCS national championship game
01/04/2019 – Inslee pushes for universal home visits for newborns and continued early learning expansion for thousands more children
01/04/2019 – Inslee statement supporting legislative action to enact I-1000
01/04/2019 – Inslee announces initiative to pardon marijuana misdemeanors
01/02/2019 – Nominations underway for Washington’s volunteers
01/02/2019 – Washington moves forward on rules to reduce vehicle pollution