In Memory of Bob Marley … 5/11/1981


Bob Marley’s Empire

Though Bob Marley died of melanoma on May 11, 1981, the singer’s popularity remains alive as ever. His ongoing celebrity has helped Marley’s estate continue to make money (according to Forbes magazine, Marley earned $21 million in 2015, making him the deceased star with the fourth-highest income; proceeds go to his 11 children and his widow). While some of these earnings were from music — more than 75 million of his albums have been sold — Marley’s post-mortem income also reached the stratosphere because his name and image are now used in numerous business endeavors. Here are some of the most interesting products that are tied to the artist and his legacy.

So, what does Packing and Cracking mean to you as a voter? …

Redistricting or

~ Packing~  opposition voters into districts (concentrate as many voters of one type – maybe party&race ) means they already win 

~ Cracking~  the remainder among districts where they are moved into the minority (increasing votes for eventual losers), the number of wasted votes among the opposition can be maximized. Similarly, with supporters holding narrow margins in the unpacked districts, the number of wasted votes among supporters is minimized.

So, the question is … what will help all American voters

paper ballots, digital voting, touchID, passcodes … something has to change!

How obvious is it to note that it’s time to deal with old outdated complicit relationships that conflict with ethics morality democracy …oh separation of powers, church and state least we talk about the Constitution 

 Time to wipe up the Congressional floor with Republican ideologies.

The things that are on my mind while Congress continues to take a few days here there making it a whole less than the 270-365 days at work usually required by the rest of us… called a congressional recess? seriously

Voters who believe in Equality in all its forms …We Must Stand up to congressional redistricting & continue to Stay in LINE for our democracy … please use your most powerful weapon … VOTE

Mid-term 2018 Elections Mattered and thank goodness Voters said yep a check and balances is needed in this era of trump … but is it enough? the guy seems outta control and people who either worked there or know folks who work there are trying to warn us the guy is suffering from mental illness on some level … why is this being ignored by congressional members or senate leader mitch mcconnell ?


~~ Nativegrl77