Help us show the frontline medical staff at Johns Hopkins how much we appreciate their service


Across the country, frontline medical staff are working overtime to ensure our communities are safe and healthy during the COVID-19 pandemic (also known as coronavirus). Every day, the frontline hospital staff at Johns Hopkins, for example, put their lives at risk to treat the growing number of people with coronavirus. Johns Hopkins is not only a world-renowned hospital, but it is a hospital that serves a tremendous number of Black people in Baltimore. And because of their dedication to our community, and the sacrifices they are making to keep treating people, we want to show the medical staff — particularly working class staff like orderlies, nurses, and cleaning staff — at John Hopkins how grateful we are for their service.

Frontline medical staff are heroes. So, we’d like to provide help where we can, by contributing healthy snacks, coffee, and energy drinks to the staff at Johns Hopkins, who serve one of the most high-density, low-income Black communities in the country.

CONTRIBUTE NOW and help us raise $5000 to provide care packages for the frontline medical staff who are working overtime to protect us during the spread of coronavirus.