1986 – NCAA adopts controversial Proposition 48

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On January 13, 1986, NCAA schools vote to adopt Proposition 48, a controversial regulation that mandates minimum high school grades and scores on standardized college entrance exames for student-athletes to participate in sports as freshmen. The proposition, which passes by a large margin, has a disproportional impact on Black male athletes.

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Despite the numerous barriers the GOP put in our path during the 2020 election, Democratic voters — particularly Black, Latinx, Indigenous, Asian, first time and rural voters — turned out in record numbers to demand leaders that care about our communities.

In response to our success, Republican lawmakers in 43 states have carried over, prefiled, or introduced more than 400 relentlessly anti-democratic bills that would restrict ballot drop box locations, restrict types of IDs you can use to vote, restrict vote by mail, restrict weekend early voting, and more. 

Voter suppression is a fundamental attack on democracy that Republicans have deployed repeatedly to maintain their power. We’re fighting back.

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1989-1990 Two African Americans first in Politics

The feature picture is called “The Faces of My People” by Margaret Burroughs b.1917 and made of woodcut on paper.

In New York, former Manhattan borough president David Dinkins, a Democrat, is elected New York City’s first African American mayor, while in Virginia, Lieutenant Governor Douglas Wilder, also a Democrat, becomes the first elected African American state governor in American …read more