Now is the time to protect women’s rights

women’s rights

Reproductive rights in this country face unprecedented attacks, there’s been an increase in domestic violence in the past year, and there are 1.8 million fewer women in the workplace than before the pandemic.

It’s never been more essential for staff to support petitions fighting for the safety and well being of women and girls.

Our team of campaigners is coaching petition starters, connecting with journalists, and organizing protests – making petitions 4x more likely to win. And our development team is building tools to help the 28,200 people who’ve started women’s rights petitions run successful campaigns.

This work would not be possible without funding from people like you. Can you chip in monthly to help us fight for women’s rights?


living while black

Interactions with the police creates fear, biased, alternative facts and fake news becomes … Black folk are always the problem

  • school to prison pipeline
  • race creates suspicious thoughts preconceived judgments
  • Now, unfortunately Police are first responders
  • broken windows laws
  • gentrification
  • housing and education issues

Please do NOT forget, this is still happening to Americans!

The Black experience