Costco, Stop Contributing to Water Scarcity

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Trusted wholesaler Costco has a massive contract with controversial bottled water giant BlueTriton, which makes its money by pumping water out of communities suffering from drought and water scarcity.

The wholesaler is known for its ethical business practices and commitment to sustainability, but there is nothing ethical or sustainable about this partnership with BlueTriton. That is why Costco’s execs need to hear from you.

Costco has shown time and again that it responds to customers raising issues like this. If enough people like you speak out, we can get them to uphold their values and dump BlueTriton.

Sign the petition to ask Costco to remove BlueTriton bottled spring water from its shelves.

Just last year Costco publicly announced its new Climate Action Plan, which identified water as “a precious and limited resource that cannot be wasted.” And yet the company is working with a supplier that sources its water from drought-stricken areas, national parks, and communities who are worried about water scarcity.

In fact, six communities across North America are actively fighting to stop BlueTriton from taking away their local water supply. In California, where people have been suffering through an historic drought, extreme weather, and water usage restrictions, BlueTriton has been draining away 24 times more water than it’s legally allowed to.

If Costco truly wants to fulfill its Sustainability Commitment, it cannot continue to work with suppliers like BlueTriton that do harm to communities and delicate ecosystems.

Act now to demand that Costco dumps suppliers that contribute to water scarcity.

Part of Costco’s Sustainability Commitment is to continuously seek ways to improve, and it has a history of living up to that commitment. In 2019, the company stopped selling Roundup and all other glyphosate products after consumers grew concerned about the chemical’s safety. And in 2020, Costco started the process of sourcing exclusively cage-free eggs in response to a campaign by animal welfare activists. Together we can put enough pressure on Costco to stop selling BlueTriton bottled water, and any other product that contributes to water scarcity.

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