Harriet Tubman 1849-12-06  escapes from slavery in Maryland for the 2nd and final time – Women’s History Month

Full Name: Araminta Harriet Ross
Profession: AbolitionistNationality:American

Abolitionist Harriet Tubman

Why Famous: Born into slavery in Maryland, Tubman escaped north in 1849 returning to rescue other slaves over a period of 8 years. During this time she used the secret Underground Railroad to free over 300 slaves and successfully evade capture.

Employed by the Union army in the US Civil War, she was the first woman to lead a raid helping liberate hundreds of slaves during the Combahee River Raid. In later life she was a strong supporter of women’s suffrage.

Birthplace: Dorchester Country, Maryland, USA

Died: March 101913
Cause of Death: Pneumonia