WA House Substances & Gaming Committee, Don’t Ignore Dancers: Schedule SB 5614 For A Vote

Dancers with Strippers Are Workers (SAW) have been fighting for dancers’ rights, and led the development of Senate Bill 5614. They’ve been fighting tirelessly to pass this bill in the legislative session so that they can end harmful industry practices like clubs forcing dancers to pay “house fees” of up to $200 a night.

SB 5614 passed the Senate with strong bipartisan support 40-8. Then it passed the House Labor Committee. But the House Substances and Gaming committee called for the bill to be heard in their committee. And yet, the committee has failed to schedule the bill for a hearing — meaning dancers cannot pass their bill, and the committee isn’t even hearing it out.

This bill is essential for getting dancers protections and rights, and will:

  • Stop exorbitant house fees & eliminate back rent (the practice of indebting dancers to clubs when they don’t earn enough to pay their house fees)
  • Legalize alcohol in clubs, funding essential industry changes
  • Require security staff and safety training in all clubs
  • Create discrimination protections for dancers

Dancers are workers. They deserve the same rights all workers do, because sex work is work. The committee needs to schedule SB 5614 for a hearing to support dancers in having safe, secure, and equitable work environments.

To support dancers, email committee members asking that they schedule SB 5614 for a hearing, and advance it to the House floor for a vote.


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